10-Year-Old Victims of Uvalde Shooting Will Be Buried Next to Each Other | They Used to Text ‘I Love You’ to Each Other

10-Year-Old Victims of Uvalde Shooting Will Be Buried Next to Each Other | They Used to Text ‘I Love You’ to Each Other

The girl used to wear the boy's photo around her neck.

Two victims of the Uvalde Mass shooting, Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Xavier James Lopez, will be buried next to each other. 

Annabell informed her mother, Monica Gallegos, about a boy after returning home from her first day of fourth grade at Robb Elementary School. Her mother recalls her saying the Xavier smelled and dressed "really nice," and the two began swapping notes in class within weeks. When the weather warmed up months later, their families gathered for weekend barbecues where Annabell and Xavier played tag.




 Gallegos and Felicha Martinez, the children's moms, quickly learned the youngsters were texting each other "I love you" at bedtime. She told ABC News, "Me and Felicha would laugh, like, 'How do y'all know about love?' " Annabell had a photograph of Xavier strung around her neck by spring, a present from Martinez. She wore it to all of his minor league games. She kept it secure in her backpack at other times.
However, Annabell and Xavier's lives were cut short on May 24, when a shooter broke into their classroom and shot them both, killing 19 students and two teachers. Both of the 10-year-olds died in the same classroom as teacher Arnulfo Reyes. Annabell and Xavier posed for photos at an awards ceremony in the school cafeteria on May 24. For the first time, he had made the honor roll.




Reyes told PEOPLE, "The kids started asking out loud, 'Mr. Reyes what is going on?' " He added, "And I said, 'I don't know what's going on. But let's go ahead and get under the table and act like you're asleep.' As they were doing that … is about the time when I turned around and saw him standing there." 
The two youngsters will be laid to rest at Hillcrest Cemetery in Uvalde, Texas, this week. Martinez and Gallegos made the choice to bury their 10-year-olds together. Gallegos said over the weekend, as she prepared for her daughter's burial, "I'm not ready." 




Annabell and Xavier first met when they were toddlers. Her grandpa and great-grandmother had lived in the same trailer park in Uvalde as Xavier and when Annabell visited, the two regularly played outside together. Their mothers recalled this years later when the youngsters met again at Robb Elementary. 

Those who knew Annabell and Xavier hope to recall the happy times as they bid them farewell. Reyes told PEOPLE, "He would make things for her, he would write notes for her. It brings a smile to your face just to think they really loved each other."

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