'1000-lb Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton's Home Robbed While She Was In A Rehab Center

'1000-lb Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton's Home Robbed While She Was In A Rehab Center

The unidentified thief or thieves allegedly kicked in the back door and stole the reality star's washer and dryer, as well as some furniture.

Tammy Slaton, star of the TLC reality show 1000 lb Sisters got robbed by thieves who kicked in the back door and stole furniture from her home while she was undergoing weight-loss treatment in a rehabilitation center. The 35-year-old's next-door neighbor was also robbed and the suspect or suspects stole their sink as well. According to The Sun, Deputy Starkey confirmed Tammy's Kentucky home break-in to the outlet. The Union County deputy said, "The burglary happened shortly after the Slaton sisters moved out. The burglar[s] must have seen the home was unoccupied and broke in." The suspect(s) behind the forced entrance has not been apprehended, according to Starkey, and the investigation is still underway. The person(s) "kicked in the back door and stole [Tammy's] washer and dryer, as well as some furniture."



The Slaton sisters are quite shaken from the incident and a source said, "Amy found the break-in when she went to check up on her old home" while Tammy was away. "Amy sent photos to Tammy. Valuables were stolen and there were signs of forced entry." Tammy's friend alleged that she "wants to sell the house" because the sisters wonder if the break-in was because of "a crazy fan." The Slaton sisters' 1,976 square foot Kentucky duplex, which was seen in many seasons of 1000-Lb Sisters is currently valued at $239,000.



Earlier this year, PEOPLE reported that Tammy lost 115 lbs. after just 30 days at a rehab facility in Ohio, according to her brother. "I'm overjoyed that she's ready to get on this train and start rolling down the tracks," Chris said in the show's season finale. The reality star is hoping to get her weight down to 500 lbs because according to her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith, if she's able to hit 500 lbs. she can go straight from rehab to getting weight loss surgery.

It was a scary time for the family when she had breathing difficulties on the first day of rehab. Doctors had to put her on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. "The fact that that's my sister scared me. And I can't help her. The fact that she may never see her nephews, her nieces, ever again, scared me," sister Amy said during the episode. "They didn't know if she was going to make it through the night. Or make it through the next hour," Chris said. "And we stayed four days or so up there. And then the last day we was there, she woke up. And she kept telling us she loved us and wanted to go home." After 3 weeks in the hospital Tammy decided to get things in order. "I'm not doing this for anybody but myself," Tammy said in the episode. "I've decided to put myself first. Take care of Tammy."



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