11-Year-Old Groomed And Abused For Two Years Dies Giving Birth To 43-Year-Old Rapist's Child

11-Year-Old Groomed And Abused For Two Years Dies Giving Birth To 43-Year-Old Rapist's Child

The incident occurred in the nothern part of Brazil with the man involved said to be on the run from authorities.

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Trigger warning: This story contains graphic details of grooming and sexual abuse that may be distressing to some.

In a distressing incident, an 11-year-old girl has passed away after giving birth to her rapist's child. Luana Costa passed away after two years of being sexually abused by 43-year-old Francinildo Moraes, the man who groomed her for two years. The little girl's family has accused the man of making her think they were in a romantic relationship since she was nine years old, only to take advantage of her. They claimed that Moraes took advantage of the little girl, attacking her and inflicting sexual injuries on her over the two-year-period, and didn't even stop even after impregnating her with his child.



Per Mirror, Moraes managed to indulge in the heinous act secrets and made sure the family never found out. The truth came out only when the family began noticing visible changes in the girl's body. The family quickly took her to a doctor to find that she was five months pregnant. That's when the pre-teen laid bare the abuse she was subjected to by Moraes under the pretense of love. Her aunt added that Francinildo threatened the child if she told her family about the incident. As details of the horrific abuse began to unwind, police found the man putting up pictures of him and Luana posing together as an ordinary adult couple would. He uploaded dozens of photos online some distance away from the village to commit the vile acts.


According to Daily Mail, the incident occurred in Para, Northern Brazil, and Luana went into premature labor, giving birth to the rapist's child. However, just four days into the induced labor procedure, she passed away. Police are on the lookout for Francinildo, who appears to be on the run from authorities. In a similar story we had reported, a 13-year-old girl in Brazil died after she gave birth to her biological father's child. The girl, Luana Ketlen, died after being abused for 4 years. The case was reported when Ketlen was admitted to a hospital in the city of Coari after complaining of abdomen pain. There she was found to be seven months pregnant. The doctors induced labor and delivered a baby. Ketlen's health further deteriorated and she was rushed to a specialist care unit in another city. The girl, however, did not make it and died on the way there, Daily Mail reports.



The newborn baby survived and is being monitored. The 36-year-old father of the girl, Toma Faba, was on the run but was caught in the outskirts of the city, and has been charged with child abuse and manslaughter at a court hearing. According to police, Ketlen was raped when she was asked to go with her father on a fishing expedition. A few months after this, Ketlen's body began to show a number of changes and relatives got suspicious that she was pregnant. The girl's mother, however, refused to believe that her husband was the father of her daughter's child. When she was brought to the Coari regional hospital she complained of severe pain. She was diagnosed with acute anemia. The police issued a warrant for Faba and they also found out that he had been abusing his daughter since the age of nine. Ketlen suffered from multiple complications that included cirrhosis of the liver, low blood pressure, water on the lungs, and passed away when she was being airlifted to a hospital in Manaus some 225 miles away.





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