23 Photos That Will Take You Down The '90s Elementary School Memory Lane

23 Photos That Will Take You Down The '90s Elementary School Memory Lane

There are some things that are etched in the minds of kids from the '90s and these pictures will give you some serious flashbacks

Nostalgia is like a blanket from the past that keeps you warm. Thinking about the "good old days" is sure to bring a smile to your face. While life got gradually harder as you made your way to middle school, and then to high school, elementary school was probably the only time when most of us had a genuinely fun time. Even now, when we see kids entering school and preparing for it, we are reminded of how different it was back then. While the trends have changed and technology has improved making it a better experience for kids today, what we had was not that bad either.

There are some things that will bring the memories of the past rushing back. 

1. Remember these erasers? You can almost smell it. And also the disappointment when you tried erasing pen marks with the blue side. It never worked!


Source: Getty Images/Yevgen Romanenko


2. Let's not forget the fancy erasers that looked cute but did not do a good job of erasing

Source: Twitter


3. Let's not forget the fancy pencil cases we used to have with separate compartments


Source: Reddit


And this one

Source: guff.com


4. Sniffing Mr. Sketch scented markers was always an experience

Source: Imgur


5. Speaking of sketch pens, this coloring kit was everything

Source: Twitter


6. To sharpen your pencil in the class sharpener was an excuse to show off your new outfit


Source: Reddit


7. Now you get caught texting in class but back then this was the only thing the teacher could intercept

Source: heyjenrenee


8. Being silly with your friends like this


Source: Imgur


9. However, much before calculators, there were these blocks that we used to learn math from

Source: Keegan3.weebly.com

10. Then, of course, there were these math worksheets

Source: Math Drills

11. Using trolls pencil toppers was so much fun to see them bobbing up and down as you took notes in class

Source: Amazon


12. Making shadow puppets in these overhead projectors when the teacher wasn't looking

Source: Wikipedia


13. Then there were the trips to the computer lab where you played The Oregon Trail and died of dysentery 

Source: Twitter


14. The utter joy that was Parachute Day

Source: Reddit


15. Oh and let's not forget pizza day which was the best day of the week

Source: Reddit


16. And this dessert treat after lunch. You can still feel the taste of the wooden spoon



17. The joy seeing this set-up would bring you when you walked into class

Source: Benne Ochs/Getty



18. Trying to predict yours and your friends' future by doing this

Source: cyber-breeze


19. There was also the colorful version with the origami fortune teller

Source: Odyssey


20. Scholastic book fairs were so exciting and even what was more exciting was finally getting the books you placed an order for

Source: The Retroist


21. How we all spread glue on our hands and peeled it off in such a satisfying way

Source: Reddit


22. Getting into some serious competition on the monkey bars with your friends

Source: Getty Images/Annie Otzen


23. Trying to master the recorder and learning the hard way that it is not the instrument fo you

Image Source:  Getty/Javier Zayas Photography

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