Man Puts An E-cigarette In 7-Month-Old Baby’s Mouth Because He Wanted To Shoot A Viral Video

Man Puts An E-cigarette In 7-Month-Old Baby’s Mouth Because He Wanted To Shoot A Viral Video

A 23-year-old man in Malaysia was arrested by the local police under the charge of risking a baby's life by putting an E-cigarette in his mouth.

A 23-year-old man in Johor, Malaysia was convicted of risking an infant's health by putting an E-cigarette in the mouth of a 7-month-old baby. The incident was captured in a video taken by a woman who is identified as the sister of the baby's mother. She uploaded the clip on social media and in a few hours, the clip was trending all over the internet. 

As per The Free Press Journal, the mother of the child filed a complaint against the man when she gathered this information, And after a thorough investigation the man was proved guilty and his actions indeed put the baby's life in danger. and could be convicted for 20 years for the crime. 

Image Source: Fanaizty|Twitter
Image Source: Fanaizty|Twitter


Upon the charge, the man justified his action by saying that the vape wasn't 'functional' and caused no harm to the baby. After going to and fro with the police, the man was still charged guilty and arrested. 

Ladbible reported that one of the police officers of North Johor Baru District police commander Rupiah Abd Wahid stated, "All of a sudden, the man who was carrying the baby had jokingly placed the non-functioning e-cigarette into the baby's mouth." Adding to that he said, "This was recorded by the mother's sister who posted it on social media and it went viral."

After the complaint was lodged by the mother after the video went viral. Even though the man pleaded that no fumes were inhaled by the baby as the vape was nonfunctional, and even in the video there was no smoke coming out of the vape proves that it was not dangerous for the baby. Even if the vape was nonfunctional, the man was charged for exposing a minor to a harmful object.

If the court finds the man guilty, he will be sentenced to 20 years of prison or would have to pay RM20,000 ($9279). In the extreme case, both of the punishments could be sanctioned. 

Officer Wahid also stated that this case serves as a warning case for other social media users, that they should be careful about what kind of content they post on the internet. reported Times Now News

Social media has created space for people wherein going viral is the biggest trend. And people go extreme with the content they post under the viral tag. The easy access to social media has affected the kind of content that is published on the internet which causes incidents like this one.





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