These 26 Illustrations Perfectly Summarize Short People Problems

These 26 Illustrations Perfectly Summarize Short People Problems

Illustrator Brisa is the brains and hands behind the popular 'Three Under the Rain' comic strip.

Big things come in small packages and so the cliché goes. But for people who've drawn the short straw, there comes a price with being small. Illustrator Brisa, who is 5 feet 'small' herself, decided to tap into this and create a series of illustrations that short people around the world can relate to. Brisa is the creator of the extremely popular Three Under the Rain, known for its wholesome and relatable comic strips. And it looks like her comics on being short is no different. Three Under The Rain features Brisa, “the man of her life” Joan, and their labrador Marly. The first comic she uploaded was on Instagram in September 2017. Since then, she’s become so popular that she now has over 285k followers.

"I started with the series Short People Problems since I thought it would be fun to laugh a bit about the small daily struggles that short people have to face," she told Bored Panda and added that the fact that many people around the world can relate to her comics is what keeps her going. “And most of all, every time somebody sends me a message telling me how much they relate to my posts, how my posts cheer them up, or how much they like sharing them with their loved ones… just knowing that I can make some people happier with my work, is what really keeps me passionate about the comic," she shares. She even offers a nugget of advice for other aspiring artists out there to “just do it, start, don’t wait for the best time, because it doesn’t exist. And then find what motivates you to keep learning and improving.”

Which of these 'short people problems' can you relate to the most?


























But despite it all, some of us wouldn't have it any other way!


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