7-Year-Old Girl And Her Father Drown In Backyard Pool At A Birthday Party

7-Year-Old Girl And Her Father Drown In Backyard Pool At A Birthday Party

A 17-year-old boy who had also jumped into the pool to rescue the drowning father and daughter is now in critical condition

A 7-year-old girl and her father drowned in a backyard pool at a birthday party in Waldorf, Maryland. Three other people were also hurt in the process as others tried to help. The incident took place at a home in the 1200 block of Jefferson Lane on Saturday. Charles County Sheriff’s Office said that neither the child nor the father knew how to swim, reported NBC Washington

At the birthday party, where the father and daughter were guests, there was an uncovered pool into which Christian Omofolawe Agboola first jumped after six in the evening. Knowing that his daughter could not swim, her father, Haffis Olanrewaju Agboola jumped in after her to try and save her. He was unable to swim either. To try and rescue them, a 17-year-old boy jumped into the pool as well and started drowning as well. The three of them took too much water in the process. While the Agboolas drowned, the unidentified teen was in a critical condition.



Emergency services were contacted immediately and the response was quick. Four firefighters arrived at the scene and an officer performed CPR. They were all rushed to the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, where the father and daughter were pronounced dead. Two firefighters injured during the rescue were treated at the hospital and released, according to The Washington Post. The 17-year-old was sent to Children's National Hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition. "Between trying to rescue them and struggling, everyone took in too much water," Diane Richardson Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said. "I just think everything was chaotic."



The pool was about eight or nine feet deep. The investigation for the incident is still going on. A few days after the tragedy, someone left a bouquet of flowers at the fence where firefighters busted through to get to the victims and two people lost their lives. The next-door neighbor witnessed the shocking incident taking place. "It was just complete and utter chaos," Lisa Ridley told WUSA9. "They were having fun and started cooking when all of a sudden, everyone just started freaking out." She sensed the shift in the mood of the party when the music that was being played stopped abruptly.



"The loudest scream I've ever heard in my life followed by her falling on the ground," Ridley said referring to Christian Agboola's mother who saw the horrific events unfold before her eyes. "That's something nobody should ever deal with ever. It hurts me because I have young kids that age and to know what she's going through, I can't imagine." The woman lost her husband and daughter. A relative of the Agboola family stated that she has been staying at a hotel to give herself some space. "That was very scary to see something like that," Neighbor Genesis Burch said. Someone from the party had approached the Burch household asking them if anyone knew to swim. Both Burch and Ridley wished they could have been of more help.


Last year, three members of a family had drowned in a backyard pool in New Jersey. Much like with Agboola, an eight-year-old girl fell into the above-ground pool of their newly purchased home. Trying to help her, her grandfather, Bharat Patel, 62, jumped in after her. He began drowning as well and was followed by daughter-in-law Nisha Patel, 33, who tried to help them both. Unfortunately, all three of them were unable to swim and drowned. CBS New York reported that in their case it was initially thought electricity may have played a role in their deaths. But after an examination from a medical examiner, it was determined that they were accidental drownings.




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