75-Year-Old Detroit Man Who Was Brutally Assaulted In Nursing Home By A 20-Year-Old Dies

75-Year-Old Detroit Man Who Was Brutally Assaulted In Nursing Home By A 20-Year-Old Dies

The younger man's father said his son had a number of ailments including autism and behavioral problems

Trigger Warning: The story has details and a video of elderly assault and abuse that readers may find disturbing

A 75-year-old man named Norman Bledsoewho who was seen in a clip being brutally beaten at a nursing home in Detroit by a younger man has died reports Fox2. As reported earlier, the younger man was a 20-year-old and a resident of the same nursing home - the Westwood  Nursing Center located in the 16500 block - where the older resident was staying at. The clip was apparently taken by the assaulter himself and shared it with others where it went viral prompting complaints to the police. He had placed his phone camera at a corner of the old man's bedroom before the vicious assault. The motive of the attack was never known but the 20-year-old is heard saying something about staying out of his bed in the clip. The 20-year-old was immediately taken into custody following the assault that took place on May 14. 



Bledsoewho had been depressed and was not eating since the assault that left him with four broken ribs, broken fingers, and a broken jaw. Bledsoewho's family is planning to sue the nursing home. The 20-year-old man named Jaden Hayden was charged with assault. However, a court will determine if he's mentally competent to stand trial. When the video first surfaced, his father told Fox2Detroit in an interview, that his son suffers from a number of ailments including autism and behavioral problems, and should have not been at the nursing home in the first place. "That hurts to see that. What he did is wrong and (I offer) my apologies to the victim's family," said the father who did not want to be identified.




He added that his son was suffering from sleeplessness, was hearing voices, and was anxious a week before he attacked the elderly man. "I just don't want people to think that he's this vicious individual. He's got mental issues," the father said noting that his son called 911 and was taken to a mental health facility in Ann Arbor. He was also then diagnosed with COVID-19 and was supposed to be quarantined in a facility. "It should've never happened because he should've never been put in that environment," said the father while revealing that his son had been accused of assaulting a staff member at another group home in Washtenaw County. "Had I known he was there I would've never have consented to it," he said. He also expressed that his son should have been closely monitored in the Westwood facility.



Hayden also has a YouTube channel where he uploaded many boxing and prank-based videos. He also attended a gym called NorWayne Boxing Gym but was never a part of any youth program there. NorWayne Boxing Gym issued a statement then that read, "We share everyone's sadness over this situation. What this highlights is the importance of helping at-risk kids in our community at an early age." In our report, we also highlighted another video that had been uploaded by Hayden that shows him assaulting an old woman confined to a bed. A statement issued by the Westwood Nursing Center stated: The nursing home and its administrators are still gathering information, conducting their own investigation, and cooperating fully with the police in their own investigation.



It added: We will issue another statement once we have gathered more facts regarding the incident. One thing we want to make clear, on the record, is that this incident did not involve a nurse or any other employee of the nursing home. The individuals involved were residents. The attacker in the video was turned over to the police around 11:30 a.m. this morning by the staff at the nursing home. He is not a long-term resident of Westwood, but he was recently admitted for recovery and rehabilitation purposes on a temporary stay. Westwood has been cooperating with the police and will continue to do so.




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