Homeless Girl, 8, Completes Her Homework Even In Pouring Rain: "I Want To Take Care Of My Family"

Homeless Girl, 8, Completes Her Homework Even In Pouring Rain: "I Want To Take Care Of My Family"

A passerby who saw the heart-melting scene said that the girl wanted to be 'top of her class'.

The most touching moments can often be found in the most impoverished of human settlements. The homeless community in the world suffers in ways most of us cannot imagine. A young girl in the Philippines was seen battling through the rain to complete her homework before school. She and her family were on the street, as her mother slept beside her while she struggled to complete her work. Footage captured shows 8-year-old Elaine Dolfo sitting outside an apartment block in Manila, Philippines, at around 7 a.m. Her mother Ellen, 40, and sister Alexandra, 4, were sleeping next to the boiler room, Daily Mail reports.



The father and husband of the family Jerry, 42, had become sick recently and the family ended up becoming homeless. The circumstances could not be more unfortunate for a schoolkid to continue their education, but Elaine was the determined sort. Despite her struggle, she continued to finish her school work as she covers the book under a coat, with the heavy rain falling and the wind blowing. In a touching scene, little Elaine can be seen trying to hold down the pages of her book as the strong wind keeps blowing them over. The rain continues to soak her as she huddles closer over the page while continuing to write her pencil. She takes care not to let the water from damaging her school book and holds the coat above.

A passerby, Rolando Villanueva, who captured the moment on video spoke to her. Elaine told him that she wanted to be top of her class so that she can get a good job to help her family out. She told Rolando: "I want to finish my homework and do well at school. Then I can have a good job and take care of myself and my family. I need to finish the work for the teacher." Elaine's dad, Jerry, used to work as a tricycle taxi driver, which is quite common in the archipelago country. But he had fallen sick and had been unable to work. Due to the lack of funds coming in, the family had been kicked out of their rented home a few days before the video made. 



Rolando said the little girl was nothing short of an inspiration that reminds people about the importance of taking their education seriously and not neglecting it. He said: "This is something that I will show my children so they remember how important it is to take school seriously. Everyone should remember how fortunate they are to have a good education Little Elaine will succeed in life. I am sure. She is so determined and very bright. She has lost her home and has nowhere comfortable but she still made it a priority to do her homework. It is very inspirational." It also shows us that greatness can be found in the most humble homes and backgrounds, and that being homeless need not make one any less intelligent and determined to succeed.



People were in awe of the little girl and her resilience. "This girl definitely has an ambition which i believe is within reach,I pray a good samaritan reach her soon." one user wrote. "We will film you and post it for everyone to see but we can't help you sorry. What a cold world. Best of luck little one x" added another. While a third user said: "In the Philippines, bright children can get advanced for good work. In the UK it is a sin to try to be better and those that try are held back to ensure they match and maintain the lower standards of the majority."

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