27-Year-Old Pens An Emotional Letter A Day Before Her Death And It Might Change You Forever

27-Year-Old Pens An Emotional Letter A Day Before Her Death And It Might Change You Forever

Holly Butcher's heartbreaking message which was posted publicly after her demise has brought the internet to tears.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, especially when they're staring down the face of a terminal illness. Holly Butcher, a 27-year-old woman from Grafton, Australia breathed her last after battling Ewing's sarcoma, a rare bone cancer that predominantly affects young people. Butcher's brother, Dean, and partner, Luke, confirmed the heartbreaking news to friends in a statement posted on Butcher's memorialized Facebook account.


"It is with great sadness that we announce Holly's passing in the early hours of this morning," they wrote on Jan. 4, 2018. "After enduring so much, it was finally time for her to say goodbye to us all. The end was short and peaceful; she looked serene when we kissed her forehead and said our final farewells. As you would expect, Holly prepared a short message for you all, which will be posted above." Butcher's heart-melting message, which Dean and Luke posted publicly shortly after her demise has brought the internet to tears. Her powerful words have amassed an incredible 72,000 likes and 56,000 shares on social media so far, and it deserves every bit of recognition. 


You can read her entire post HERE, as we have highlighted only the selected ones. She reflects on the post that she has learned a lot in her short, but beautiful life. "It's a strange thing to [realize] and accept your mortality at 26 years young," she began. "I always imagined myself growing old, wrinkled, and gray — most likely caused by the beautiful family (lots of kiddies) I planned on building with the love of my life. I want that so bad it hurts. That's the thing about life; It is fragile, precious, and unpredictable and each day is a gift, not a given right." 


She continues on her message: "I just want people to stop worrying so much about the small, meaningless stresses in life and try to remember that we all have the same fate after it all, so do what you can to make your time feel worthy and great, minus the bullshit. ... Those times you are [whining] about ridiculous things (something I have noticed so much these past few months), just think about someone who is really facing a problem. Be grateful for your minor issue and get over it. It's OK to acknowledge that something is annoying but try not to carry on about it and negatively affects other people's days."


It's a stark reminder that terminal illness can completely change someone's life for the worse. More often than not, we leave it up to a disaster, a crisis, a chaotic turn of events, or worse to make a real change in our lives. Butcher explains how we should live every day and moment to the fullest, and not wait for the external to influence our inner journey and goals. "Value other people’s time. Don’t keep them waiting because you are shit at being on time. Get ready earlier if you are one of those people and appreciate that your friends want to share their time with you, not sit by themselves, waiting on a mate. You will gain respect too! Amen sister," she adds.


Adding on to her testimony, she says: " I hear people complaining about how terrible work is or about how hard it is to exercise - Be grateful you are physically able to. Work and exercise may seem like such trivial things ... until your body doesn’t allow you to do either of them. I tried to live a healthy life, in fact, that was probably my major passion. Appreciate your good health and functioning body- even if it isn’t your ideal size. Look after it and embrace how amazing it is. Move it and nourish it with fresh food. Don’t obsess over it."


There is a lot of emphasis on all aspects of life as Holly tries to convey as much as she can. "Remember there are more aspects to good health than the physical body...work just as hard on finding your mental, emotional and spiritual happiness too. That way you might realize just how insignificant and unimportant having this stupidly portrayed perfect social media body really is. While on this topic, delete any account that pops up on the news feeds that give you any sense of feeling shit about yourself. Friend or not. Be ruthless for your own well-being." 


Above all, she maintains that a healthy attitude is very important for a happy and successful life. "Whine less, people! .. And help each other more. Give, give, give. It is true that you gain more happiness doing things for others than doing them for yourself. I wish I did this more. Since I have been sick, I have met the most incredibly giving and kind people and been the receiver of the most thoughtful and loving words and support from my family, friends, and strangers; More than I could I ever give in return. I will never forget this and will be forever grateful to all of these people." 



"Also, remember if something is making you miserable, you do have the power to change it - in work or love or whatever it may be. Have the guts to change. You don’t know how much time you’ve got on this earth so don’t waste it being miserable. I know that is said all the time but it couldn’t be more true." she writes on the post. In the end, she concludes by stating: "Oh and one last thing, if you can, do a good deed for humanity (and myself) and start regularly donating blood. It will make you feel good with the added bonus of saving lives. I feel like it is something that is so overlooked considering every donation can save 3 lives! That is a massive impact each person can have and the process really is so simple." Thank you for your overwhelming words of wisdom Holly. It's a shame that you had to leave us so soon. You will be missed and remembered with joy. Rest in peace. 


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