Amber Heard Cries In Court As She Testifies Johnny Depp Sexually Assaulted Her With A Liquor Bottle

Amber Heard Cries In Court As She Testifies Johnny Depp Sexually Assaulted Her With A Liquor Bottle

Heard detailed the alleged abuse she experienced at the hands of the Depp in an explosive testimony on Thursday.

Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of physical and sexual abuse that may be disturbing to readers.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met while making the 2011 movie The Rum Diary. The two dated and eventually got married albeit briefly. After their tumultuous relationship ended, Johnny Depp sued ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million over a Washington Post op-ed in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. Depp first filed the $50 million lawsuit in March 2019 claiming that the piece ruined his Hollywood career. Heard never mentioned Depp by name in the article. The lawsuit was postponed due to the pandemic and resumed recently. Heard is now countersuing for $100million. When the 36-year-old actress took the stand Wednesday, she told the jury, according to PEOPLE, "I struggle to find the words to describe how painful this is. This is horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything."



One disturbing allegation made by Heard during the testimony involved  Johnny Depp sexually assaulting her with a liquor bottle in March 2015 in Australia at their rented home just  weeks after their wedding. "I'm on the countertop, he had me by the neck. It felt like he was on top of me," an emotional Heard recalled to the court. "I'm looking in his eyes and I don't see him anymore. It wasn't him, it was black. I haven't been so scared in my life. I couldn't see him. He was looking at me. I was trying to get through to him, to say in some way it was me. I was trying to get through to Johnny. I couldn't see him. I couldn't see him at all."



"My head was bashing against the back of the bar and I couldn't breathe. I remember trying to get up to tell him he was really hurting me. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't get through to him. I couldn't get up. I didn't think he knew what he was doing." Heard then broke down tearfully before she continued, "The next thing I remember I was bent over backwards on the bar, I was staring at the blue light. My back was on the countertop. I thought he was punching me. I felt this pressure on my pubic bone. I thought he was punching me. I could feel his arm moving. It looked like he was punching me. I could just feel this pressure. I didn't feel pain, it was just pressure on my pubic bone. I don't remember what I said, I just remember being really still, not wanting to move. I remember looking around the room, I remember looking at all the broken bottles, broken glass, and I remember not wanting to move because I didn't know if it was broken, I didn't know if the bottle that he had inside me was broken. I couldn't feel it. I didn't feel pain, I didn't feel anything. I looked around and I saw so much broken glass I didn't know if he would know if it was broken or not and I remember thinking please 'God please, I hope it's not broken.' I just remember being in the bathroom. I remember retching, I remember the sound my voice was making. I remember I lost control of my bladder. I remember just retching, there was blood on the floor," said Heard. The actress mentioned that she can't recall how the assault ended but the traumatic effect it had on her lingered on. Heard added, "The discomfort I was feeling afterwards just paled in comparison to how scared, shocked I was, scared."



If you are being subjected to sexual assault, or know of anyone who is, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673)

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