Bernie Sanders Rudely Tells Crying Baby To "Keep That Down" At Town Hall Event

Bernie Sanders Rudely Tells Crying Baby To "Keep That Down" At Town Hall Event

In New Hampshire, a baby making a racket tested the Senator's patience. Twitter had a lot to say about his outburst.

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders may have been everyone's fan favorite for his soft-natured approach to, well, everything, but it seems his old grandpa tendencies might finally be showing. In a typical "get off my lawn, you rowdy kids" display of frustration, the Vermont Senator asked a crying baby to "keep that down" during a town hall event in New Hampshire on Tuesday, September 3, Fox News reports. While many believe Sanders just attempted a joke that didn't land as he had hoped it would, others have used the incident to assassinate his overall character. But who knows? Maybe his age really is catching up to him.


Senator Sanders stood at the podium at the town hall event, about to answer a question about healthcare - before the baby began creating a racket. He began, "Thank you very much because it’s not easy getting up in front of a TV camera to talk about this. Did I hear you correctly say you have to cut your pills in half?" Just as he was about to continue his speech, the baby's shrill cry disrupted him and tested his patience. Swiftly snapping his head to the right, he pointed his hand in the direction of the young infant and asked, "If we could keep that down a little bit?" Perhaps to save face, he quickly added, "Okay, thanks."


Of course, Twitter went wild with accusations - from both sides - following the incident. Trump campaign official Zach Parkinson took to the social media platform to post a video of the exchange. He added: Sanders not feeling the Bern for kids in the audience yesterday... Numerous other users, Bernie and Trump supporters alike, responded to his tweet. Tier1Diabetic noted: Trump asked for a baby to be removed from an event in 2016. Kirk_mcdaniel, who was reportedly present at the event, shared: I'm the guy in the white shirt and suspenders. The cameraman was directly behind me. It was an awkward moment at a joke that wasn't funny. We cringed and then laughed at how unexpected he was after being so stoic and serious.


Others, still, suggested that this was only a result of Senator Sanders' pro-choice stance. Seankclark wrote: I think he was alluding to his retroactive birth control plan when he said “take care of that.” Rapadilla7 alleged: That's what happens when you are for abortion. He doesn't value the innocence of a child. Notice he said keep THAT down a bit. He doesn't consider a fetus a life and it looks like he doesn't consider babies have value either. (If this sounds ridiculous, it's probably because it is.)


This is not the first time the Senator has found himself in hot water following a similar outburst. In August this year, Sanders was dining at San Francisco's iconic John's Grill when he was in town for the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting. According to the owner of the 111-year-old restaurant, John Konstin, he wasn't exactly the most courteous guest to host. The owner told Politico, "It was all very nice, except for cranky Bernie. He was just rude, not friendly. I think he was just hungry and didn't want to be a politician. He lost my vote." Could our socialist softie be losing his cool temperament? Let's hope not.


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