Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi And Husband Are Expecting A Baby Girl: "You Are Our World"

Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi And Husband Are Expecting A Baby Girl: "You Are Our World"

Bindi and her husband Chandler shared a picture of their baby's sonogram.

Daughter of late conservationist Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin, 22, announced last month that she was pregnant with her first child. On Tuesday, she took to Instagram to post another message revealing the child's gender. She showed the world a glimpse of the yet to be born baby and shared a picture of husband Chandler holding a copy of a sonogram near a massive Aldabra tortoise. Bindi can be seen cuddling the tortoise. They were dressed in their characteristic Australian Zoo khaki uniforms and the animal eats from a number of pink flowers that lay right in front. "Baby girl, you are our world," Bindi wrote with the picture and added a heart emoji.



She also made a comparison of her daughter growing inside of her to a hatchling of the Aldabra tortoise and said their "beautiful daughter is now about the same size" of the tortoise baby and "as healthy as can be." The eager parents-to-be were also happily impatient as they said they could not wait for their daughter's arrival next year. The same picture and caption were also shared by Chandler on his own Instagram account. Both posts were liked thousands of times and they were congratulated by their fans. One fan with the account caraclarke86 wrote: Aww congratulations on a little girl. Your dad would be so excited. I can just imagine how he would react 🎉😍❤️. Another fan, mariatynann stated:  This is how you do a gender reveal. Congratulations, I adore all three of you ❤️❤️



The couple tied the knot on March 25 after their engagement in July last year. The two have been leading a blissful married life which just got better with the news of their first child. Just a week ago, the two shared the first picture of their baby's sonogram. She is seen showing their baby's sonogram to the camera. The picture was captioned: The animal joeys we care for are excited to meet our human joey. ❤️ Baby Wildlife Warrior is about the size of a hummingbird now! We can’t wait to teach our little one about the importance of protecting our planet and the beauty of the wildlife and wild places we love so much. Thank you for your kindness and support on this magical journey.



The couple first shared news about their baby on August 31 with a sweet picture of them holding a tiny khaki uniform. Calling their yet to be born kid a "Baby Wildlife Warrior" they broke the news that the baby was due in 2021. Bindi added in the caption: Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting! It’s an honour to share this special moment in our lives with you. She highlighted then that she was still in her "first trimester" and wanted their followers "to be part of our journey from the beginning of this new life chapter" while adding that their "support means the world to us. Please let me know your best advice and send good vibes & prayers to our little sweetheart." They also highlighted that they had been very eager to share the news with their followers and said that this "beautiful little being has become the most important part of our lives." 



Speaking with People about the first time she found out she was pregnant, Bindi said, "I took a test and ran into the kitchen where Chandler was making us tea. He didn't hear me come in so I speechlessly watched him pouring the water into my most loved hedgehog mug. This news would change the course of our future in the best way. I started crying tears of pure joy and told my sweetheart husband that my test was positive. We were beaming while our adorable puppy Piggy sat on our feet wondering what was going on. It reminded me of just how perceptive animals are. It is such a blessing knowing that this tiny person has chosen us as parents." 



She added, "Our baby Wildlife Warrior is going to be so very loved by our families and entire Australia Zoo team. I can't wait to find out what this amazing new soul loves in life, and experience the world all over again through their eyes."

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