Black Man Shot & Killed By Police While Entering His Own Home; Was Getting Sandwiches For His Family

Black Man Shot & Killed By Police While Entering His Own Home; Was Getting Sandwiches For His Family

Casey Goodson Jr. was returning from the dentist with sandwiches for his family when he was shot four times by Ohio sheriff's deputy Jason Meade

A sheriff's deputy shot and killed a Black man who was holding a sandwich and trying to enter his own house, in Columbus, Ohio. The 23-year-old man, Casey Goodson Jr, was fatally shot last week by deputy Jason Meade of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Meade is a 17-year veteran who was working for the US Marshal's fugitive task force looking for violent offenders at the time, CNN reported. The details of what led up to the shooting differ between the authorities and Goodson's family. However, the sandwich Goodson held in his hand was mistaken for a gun by the police. 





“I want answers. I deserve answers. I demand answers at this point,” Tamala Payne, the victim's mother told The Associated Press. She said that he was returning from the dentist with sandwiches for his family when he was killed on the doorstep of his grandmother’s house. He was shot multiple times, and according to a 911 caller, four gunshots were heard. Goodson fell into the kitchen and succumbed to his injuries. He was gunned down with his 72-year-old grandmother and two toddlers nearby, who then saw him lying on the ground with a Subway sandwich. Franklin County Coroner Dr. Anahi Ortiz listed the cause of death as a homicide.  




Authorities stated that Goodson waved a handgun at the police when he drove by. Meade then confronted Goodson outside the house where he allegedly refused to drop his gun, US Marshal Peter Tobin said in a statement according to ABC 11. “It doesn’t make sense,” the family attorney, Sean Walton, countered. “Who drives down the street waving a gun out of the window? This isn’t a music video. This is real life.” Goodson did have a license to have a concealed weapon but his family has expressed doubts that he was actually brandishing the weapon before his confrontation with law enforcement on December 4.




“A gun was recovered from Mr. Goodson. Mr. Goodson was not the person being sought by the US Marshals task force,” a statement from the Columbus Division of Police read. “The deputy was investigating the situation and there are reports of verbal exchange. The deputy fired at Mr. Casey Goodson, resulting in his death.” The Columbus Division of Police, which was not involved in the shooting, was first given charge of investigating the incident and was later handed over to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigations at the request of Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan, reported NY Daily News




"What I believe in my heart happened is that Casey was murdered in cold blood for being a Black man," said Payne. "[The deputy] deserves to be in jail. He deserves to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." She added, "The deputy sheriff's office and whoever else is involved needs to take proper steps in ensuring that their deputies are trained properly." Chandra Brown, an attorney representing Goodson’s family along with Walton said, “It is concerning that they’ve had the body for this long and they still cannot confirm the entrance or exit wounds of the gunshots. It seems intentionally vague and we’re looking forward to getting the official autopsy report when that is released.”




The coroner’s office said that an autopsy was conducted and the medical records and a toxicology report were being awaited, according to The New York Times. David M DeVillers, the US attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, in a statement, said that they "will review the facts and circumstances surrounding the Dec. 4, 2020 shooting of Casey Goodson and take appropriate action if the evidence indicates any federal civil rights laws were violated."




"A crisis of this magnitude calls for a massive realignment of power," Chelsea Fuller, a Columbus-based spokeswoman for the Movement for Black Lives, said. "That realignment can and will happen through defunding the police, reducing their bloated budgets, and re-investing those resources in the creation of new systems of public safety that account for all lives, not just some."






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