Boss Gives Her Employees "Masturbation Breaks" To Boost Productivity At Work

Boss Gives Her Employees "Masturbation Breaks" To Boost Productivity At Work

Erika Lust of Erika Lust Films is hoping to 'normalize' masturbation. She has even set up a private "masturbation station" at the workplace.

In a bid to boost productivity and morale at her independent adult entertainment company, Erica Lust, the head of a 36-member firm, has allowed her employees to take a 30-minute break to pleasure themselves as part of their work schedule. According to Dazzle Digital, this initiative is a part of "Masturbation Month" that begins in May and will continue through the rest of the year. Lust chose to do so after she realized her staff was "agitated" and were not performing with the same gusto during the pandemic. Thus, she decided to bring about some changes. She said, "With the pandemic and the huge shift in how we live our lives, I began to notice that my employees had become somewhat agitated and were performing with less energy than before."   



She added, "I value my employees and I know that when they feel good, we do good work." With this in mind, she set up a "masturbation station" at work. She told LadBible: "So, knowing that there's only one thing that will make everyone feel good, I've set up a private masturbation station for them to enjoy." And it appears that her plan has been welcomed by her employees. Cat, the communication and content head at the company said, "A masturbation break at work can result in more focus from your employees, less aggression, more productivity, and better teamwork. Picture this; a team of happy employees with their creative juices flowing and being productive because they’ve had some time scheduled to make themselves feel good!"



Lust also aims at destigmatizing self-pleasure. According to her blog, she writes, "Each year I like to celebrate this month by doing something that will help to de-stigmatise self pleasure, and in 2021 I’m calling on everyone to make time for some masturbation each and every day. Masturbation has been shown to not only make you happier, more relaxed, and more focused, but it’s also good for creativity and increases your drive to get things done. Plus, it releases endorphins, helps to decompress, and relieves tension and stress. I mean, we all get lunch breaks, so why shouldn’t we get wank o’clock too? Masturbating means wellness just like a work subsidised gym membership and a healthy lunch. It’s time to normalize self-pleasure and encourage it as self-care!"

Lust has also urged other business owners to do the same. 




 To continue with her campaign through Masturbation Month, Lust has a number of events lined up. This includes sharing the progress of her employees at the masturbation station, special giveaways, and is even partnering up with Allbodies, a sex education platform, at the end of the month where an online live masturbation session will take place.




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