Bride Shocked As Wedding Dress Looked Nothing Like Her Order, Then Realizes She Wore It Inside Out

Bride Shocked As Wedding Dress Looked Nothing Like Her Order, Then Realizes She Wore It Inside Out

The soon-to-be-bride sent an angry message to the store, which later ended in a hilarious discovery.

Gearing up for your wedding day is a mixed bag of emotions. Sure, you're thrilled to have found 'the one', but you're also stressed as heck. You want everything to go perfectly on your big and the wedding dress is definitely a top priority. One bride's Facebook post has gone viral after she lashed out at a wedding shop for the dress they had sent her for the big day. When the staff hilariously pointed out her mistake, the bride-to-be took the embarrassing situation with great humor. 33-year-old healthcare worker Deux Aubrey herself was left in stitches when the store corrected her error, reports Daily Mail.



She elaboratedTwo weeks ago my wedding dress came in. I was really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry email to the company wanting to return it. I took pictures of me in the dress telling them it looked nothing like what I had ordered. Well, today I received this response from the company “you put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.” Who knew that they shipped wedding dresses inside out? ...the dress actually turned out beautiful. We love that the bride laughed it off saying, "Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much school we put behind us....we’re still going to lack common sense, like how to put clothes on properly. They probably didn’t appreciate my angry email, this post is the least I could do to thank them for “fixing” the problem (me, the problem was me). But I hope they appreciated a good laugh. And you all too.....during this tense time of the election results, I hope you take comfort in the fact I was not on your presidential ballot....nor will I ever be running for any office....I’ll help save your life but seriously- please don’t call me to dress you, apparently I have trouble doing that for myself."




When people got curious as to how she had made such a mistake, Aubrey said that she wished she could say it was a joke. “For those asking ‘how this happened’ – no sleep (16-24-hour shifts for a living), finals week, husband laced me up and was upset also with the look of it, in a rush between jobs, skepticism with the company to begin with, anger at ordering online as opposed to shut down dress shops during a pandemic, stress of wedding and pandemic in general,” she explained. When the reactions were mostly people laughing at her embarrassing situation, the good-humored bride-to-be concluded her post saying, "I’m glad you could join us with a light heart and laugh WITH us into that forever....May your wedding “disasters” be simple fixes or at least one day hysterical in retrospect too."


People in the comments section were in fits of laughter. Jessi Poole wrote: Girl I'm over here dying to see pictures of you with it inside out   love your face! Presley Angle said: I am SOOO SORRY. I’m laughing so hard poor girl ! You’re gonna rock that dress no matter how you wear it. Amanda Renee rightly predicted: Omgoodness, I'm crying. This is something I could see going viral because how stressful it already is to be a bride to be already   that's a beautiful dress! Jana Hill thanked the bride for the chuckle: Thank you for this! I needed the laugh! I just love you! You looked beautiful, even inside out! Paula Wiler Allen pointed out: I’m literally LOL u win the internet for today. The bride will sure have a funny tale to tell on the big day!

Deux tells us that the couple has come up with a scholarship program for working students (nursing or paramedicine) after receiving a lot of recognition for their story. The program is called Love From the Inside Out Scholarship Program and can be found on Facebook here. Deux explained, "Recipients will be announced each year on our anniversary, alongside an essay by them on what it means to love from the inside out. It was really important for us to turn much of the negative into a positive for the future!" 


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