Build-A-Bear Just Released A Scooby-Doo Bear

Build-A-Bear Just Released A Scooby-Doo Bear

It comes with a 'sleeper outfit' and a 'cub condo' and priced at $49.25

We all love Scobby Do. The clumsy crime-solving dog that became a feature of so many of our childhood memories growing up. Since the 1970s, Scobby Do has been a part of television cartoon programmes as well as movie franchises but this latest avatar of the loving dog is sure to get you closer to him. Build-a-Bear (BAB) has just released an adorable looking  Scooby-Doo stuffed toy and we sure cannot get enough of him. While there are a number of stuffed toys based on this famous cartoon character out there, but this one is from the stable of a company that has the expertise of making such products. And the product speaks for itself. 


Just looked at the adorable product - Scooby-Doo with his tongue out and his signature SD collar. An addition is the Scooby-Doo logo on the toy's left foot as well as the official logo BAB logo on the dog's right paw. After all, you would definitely like to distinguish your authentic product from the many fakes out there right? Plus this Scooby Do one looks so much better and of course really sweet. Many of you would probably just like to cuddle with him all the time and not let go. That is if your kids cannot get enough of him. While we know BAB products are known for their customisation and other unique additions, this one will come as a single whole item and the company's website mentions that it cannot be 'unstuffed'.


It also adds, "Scooby-Doo can only be purchased as a bundle. Modifications cannot be made to this item." So make sure you don't fiddle with the item and do some damage that cannot be reversed. Once you see the product you will probably not complain about anything because it looks just perfect. The Scooby-Doo toy 'will be shipped undressed'. "This plush pup has brown fur with black spots and a Scooby-Doo™ graphic on the paw pad. He comes with his signature collar and tag included!" the website adds. Having said that, it does not mean there isn't anything that you cannot add. The bear comes with a number of other items. 


The toy also comes with a 'sleeper outfit' that is blue in color and features 'an all-over pattern of Scooby-Doo and the gang.' Your kids can "Enjoy dressing him at home to start solving mysteries together," the description adds. You can also buy more dresses or outfits or make one yourself. To add another fun element, the toy will also include a 'birth certificate'. And what good is a Scooby-Doo if not for some of his signature phrases. You can add them yourselves. "Don’t start solving mysteries without adding Scooby’s™ signature sayings to your furry friend! You'll hear these fun phrases every time you give your snack-loving sleuth a hug," the website adds. 


You also have a beautiful 'Cub Condo' in which you can stylishly take him home or gift it to anyone of your kid's friends on his or her birthday. With an animated movie based on the dog and his pal, Shaggy released on May 15 called Scoob by Warner Bro. there is no better time to buy this toy. At $ 49.25 it is not too steep a price to pay for the product.  

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