Personal Trainer, Who Decapitated His 2 Kids, Made Younger Siblings Watch The Dead Bodies

Personal Trainer, Who Decapitated His 2 Kids, Made Younger Siblings Watch The Dead Bodies

They were also kept without food before police found them on December 4.

Trigger Warning: The story has details of child murders that readers may find disturbing

New and chilling details of a man in Los Angeles County, California, who was charged with killing and decapitating his two children at their home have emerged. Maurice Taylor Sr, 38, forced his two elder children to stay in separate rooms without food for days before stabbing them to death and then decapitating them, prosecutors have said.  He then forced his younger children aged 8 and 9, to look at the dead bodies for several days. Taylor, who worked as a personal trainer, could not be contacted for several days by his clients. It was then that one of Taylor's clients informed the police after which authorities reached his house in Lancaster. There, they found the bodies of the two children who were identified as 13-year-old Maliaka and 12-year-old Maurice Jr. Their father was taken into custody and charged with two counts of murder and child abuse, reports BuzzFeed




Prosecutors also said the two younger kids, both boys, were also forced to stay without food inside their bedrooms. The deceased children had "lacerations and stab wounds", according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. In a release, they added that detectives reached the Lancaster home on December 4 at approximately 7:50 am. The investigation is on-going. A bond of $2 million was initially put for Taylor's release. This was increased to $4.2 million after the new details emerged in the case. According to an NBC report, the bodies of the two slain kids were inside the home for as long as five days. Taylor is set to appear in court on December 21. If convicted, he faces over 57 years to life in prison, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.




The children's mother was also inside the house at the time of the murder but she was not considered a suspect. Taylor worked as a personal trainer in Santa Monica. Owing to the pandemic, he had been taking classes online and over Zoom. He had scheduled many online classes with his clients but was nowhere to be found. They informed the police about possible gas leakage, reports Daily Mail. Later, the person said they did not actually know if it was a gas leak but merely speculated that there had been one since Taylor had not responded to any calls or attempts to contact him. He was described as reliable and hardworking by his clients. One of them, named Howard Kern, had Taylor as his trainer for seven years. They also said he was someone who was by himself since he was 18 and knew his way around.   




Kern, an attorney and writer, said he called the fire department on December 4. He also said other clients also grew concerned about him and his whereabouts. "I said, 'I'm concerned'. We are concerned about a possible gas leak. There are four children and two adults - and we are concerned about their safety," he said. He added, Taylor "was living under a tremendous amount of pressure" and was under the stress of a "contentious" marriage.  Once he heard Taylor's wife yelling at him over the phone one time. "He'd be very apologetic and she'd be yelling at him," said Kern, who described Taylor as "nicest person that you know, then multiply that by five." He added, "He worked so hard to support himself. Unfortunately, we don't know enough to say what happened or what didn't happen."




Another client, a female who wanted to remain anonymous, said, "I knew they weren't out of town. They didn't have money to travel. We were afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning, or they were all dead from falling asleep." She described Taylor as "reliable" and "mellow".

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