Child Rapist In Indonesia Collapses After Being Whipped 52 Times As Punishment; 117 Pending

Child Rapist In Indonesia Collapses After Being Whipped 52 Times As Punishment; 117 Pending

The man identified as Roni was to be hit a total of 169 times but he became unfit after 52 hits. Once he is fit the beatings will be administered a second time.

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic details of child sex abuse and violence that readers may find disturbing

A man convicted of raping a child in the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh was sentenced to be whipped in a public building for his heinous crimes. Under the strict Sharia Laws, the rapist who was identified as Roni by local outlets was to be hit 169 times using a rattan cane last Thursday but after 52 strikes he collapsed to the ground. After being examined by medical health carers, it was determined that the man was not fit to continue his punishment. "When he was lashed 52 times, he was found on his right back there were heavy blisters, if he continued and was hit by the same beating, the blood vessels could burst and bleed," revealed one of the medics while speaking to IDN Times


But this realization definitely won't allow him to get away without the remainder of his 117 lashes. "It is better if we postpone it until the recovery is good and the convict can be punished again," they continued. According to Daily Mail, once he is fit the beatings will be administered a second time. Having served six months in prison before the whipping, his penalty was reduced to 169 from 175, that is one strike for every month he had to spend behind bars. Roni was whipped alongside five others who had been previously convicted of gambling. Each of them was beaten with time with the cane.


Whipping is one of many extreme methods of punishment used on criminals in Banda Aceh, which is Indonesia's most conservative province. Whipping is used to punish a variety of crimes in Banda Aceh, Indonesia's most conservative province It is the only which bases its legal system on the Sharia Law. Several countries have taken drastic measures to curb attacks on children by pedophile and Kazakhstan is one of them. Under its new toughened laws to punish child sex criminals, Kazakhstan allowed chemical castration. This came after a nine-year-old was heartlessly raped and murdered by a man. Aruai Berik, a school goer, went missing after her dance class and CCTV footage showed her following a man wearing black pants and a black shirt.


The devastating incident took place in the town of Karatu where officers eventually managed to capture 37-year-old Zhaksylyk Baydildaev. The married man initially claimed that the child came to his house voluntarily where she accidentally dies. But it was later discovered that the 9-year-old had been sexually assaulted and tragically died after sustaining fatal injuries caused violent blows to her head. Shockingly, Baydildaev knew the victim's mother Lyazzat, and would often approach her to get updates about the girl's whereabouts at the time when she was nowhere to be found. "When we were searching for her, he constantly approached us, asking if we had found her or not," revealed Lyazzat.


This was not Baydildaev's first attempt at rape as he had attacked a 12-year-old and attempted to rape her. During this particular occasion, he changed his mind and didn't go through with the crime. However, this time around her not only molested the child but battered her to death, placed her body in a sack, and dumped it in a landfill. Then he burned her remains. Thus, the court handed him a life sentence along and under the country's strict child abuse laws, he was forced to undergo chemical castration. The country had acquired stocks of Cyproterone, a steroidal anti-androgen developed for fighting cancer to use for chemical castration of pedophiles. 

“It causes the lowering of libido,” said urologist Dr. Mirzakhmet Zhanadilov. “The medication is different for each person. That is, the medication that is enough for one person to prevent repeated (sexual) offending, others can be resistant to. For them, not only do we administer the drug but control testosterone too.”

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