Curly Eyelashes Are Actually A Thing And People Are Flaunting Them

Curly Eyelashes Are Actually A Thing And People Are Flaunting Them

Makeup artist Sofie Petersen uploaded a photo of "curly eyelashes" to Instagram and people on the internet are rightfully freaking out.

Those darn beauty gurus are at it again. We've seen the egg beauty blender, the Christmas-themed glitter boobs, even the absurd overgrown nostril hair trend. Now, the most recent bizarre beauty trend to take the internet by storm is puberty eyelashes, or what the beauty gurus are calling "curly eyelashes." But we think "puberty" eyelashes is a better term for the trend because the eyelashes will definitely remind you of, you know... Certain nether regions. Reactions to the trend have been, as one would expect, quite negative. The viral trend was started by makeup artist Sofie Petersen on social media platform Instagram and her followers haven't exactly been accepting.




Petersen posted a photo to the image-sharing website of the curly eyelashes, stating: Puberty isn’t over. At least the makeup artist is self-aware about her looks and is able to recognize just how wacky the whole thing is. Perhaps she uploaded the photo simply for the shock factor of it all. Regardless of her motivations, her followers were definitely not interested in seeing the image pop up on their feeds. Many took to the comments section to let her know just how much they disliked the trend.




Instagram user Smoochypants hilariously but shortly commented: Thanks, I hate it! Another user, Shmoodring added: I saw this go viral on a Facebook meme and even though it had a dumb ass caption I was like, "Yes! I know those eye pubes!” Some, however, were curious about what a whole face of makeup would look like, as Gemgirl1962 stated: I'd like to see how the whole face looks with it. Others chimed in with rather pointed remarks: That's gross, pubic hair transplant, and even, does it hurt?


This is not the first time Petersen has created and shared an absurd trend or eye makeup look such as this one. In the past, she has caused controversy across the internet with her "out-of-the-box" and ludicrous makeup trends. She has a vast history of strange trends, such as the infamous "lettuce lids," "lentil lashes," and "liquid lashes." During an interview with Dazed Magazine, Petersen revealed that her atypical approach to makeup comes out of a desire to "show emotions, tell stories, and joke around."




She told the magazine, "I want people to feel something when they see my beauty looks. Whether it's inspired or disgusted. I want to show emotions and tell stories and joke around. I like that my Instagram is a place that can contain different expressions." Peterson claimed that her upbringing in a traditional Danish suburb is what lead her to experiment with her makeup. "I ended up feeling like there were expectations to the way I should look and it resulted in mental issues and very low confidence," she stated. "Make-up got to be my therapy when I felt down. I finally reached a point where I just wanted to be 100% myself, even if it made me stand out." And stand out, she does.


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