'Dead To Me' Season 2 Is Coming Next Month And The Teaser Is Out

'Dead To Me' Season 2 Is Coming Next Month And The Teaser Is Out

Kicking off the weekend with the perfect surprise, Netflix also revealed the premiere date of the show's second installment.

Dead to Me fans might want to grab a glass of wine and settle in for this one because the Netflix dark comedy has finally released a rather juicy glimpse of what's to come in season 2. A teaser trailer for the Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini starrer dropped on Friday, leaving us on the edge of our seats as the short clip echoed Jen's haunting words: "Grief does some weird s— to people." Kicking off the weekend with the perfect surprise, Netflix also revealed that premiere date of the show's second installment and it's much closer than you think.

The BFFs of misery—Jen (played by Applegate) and Judy (portrayed by Cardellini)—will be returning on May 8 with the rest of their dark and twisted story, picking up from that major cliffhanger the sophomore season of Dead to Me ended on. As you might remember, the first season of the show followed Jen's internal battle with the unexpected hit-and-run death of her husband and the friendship she strikes up with Judy at a support group. Although the two soon become inseparable, Jen slowly realizes that her new friend has been lying about who she is. Judy's secrets eventually take the duo down a dark path which ultimately left them—and us—by a pool with a corpse.


The 40-second teaser trailer of the upcoming season gives fans a quick run-through of the bloody events that transpired in the first installment of the show. We then see the two friends sitting in a diner, where Judy—true to nature—encourages Jen to "stay focused on the positive." Jen, of course, is in no mood to seek out a silver lining, replying: "We are not in Snow White; we are in f*cking Scarface."


According to PEOPLE, the official synopsis of the upcoming season states that season 2 picks up from "the aftermath of that bloody backyard reveal. The irrepressible pair once again struggle to keep their secrets buried. With a surprising new visitor in town and Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) hot on their heels, Jen and Judy take drastic measures to protect their loved ones and each other — no matter the cost." The second installment of the show is sure to be quite popular with fans as Dead to Me bagged predominantly positive reviews from critics for its first season and also got Applegate several nominations for her role in the show, including an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild nod.


The show's creator, Liz Feldman, previously teased fans with what to expect in season 2 during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It will be about the further exploration of this friendship, and relationship, and now very complicated dynamic, or even more complicated dynamic between these two women," she said at the time. "What I wanted to do was create a situation where they’re forced together, and they need each other now in some ways more than they did at the beginning of season 1."


Speaking of Applegate and Cardellini's incredible chemistry in the show and how she came to cast them for their respective roles, Feldman said: "They're both stars, they're 'offer only' kind of gals. And so, when Christina's name initially came up it was such a no-brainer because I had been working with her on another project that we ultimately didn't follow through with, but we had already had a relationship. So literally the very first name our incredible casting directors, Sherry Thomas and Russell Scott, said for Jen was Christina. And when that sort of thing happens, and you get the chills, you’re like, 'Okay, that's meant to be.'"


"And then, we set out to look for somebody that we felt would be her counterpart, somebody that had the same kind of gravitas that we knew she would have, but in a contrasting and complementary way. When Linda's name was brought up, I was already such a fan of hers, actually from 'Bloodline,'" she continued. "So when I sat down with Linda to meet her for the first time, I was so taken by how she's just got such great warmth and she's just so naturally funny. I just thought like, oh, there's a softness and a vulnerability there that would be so great, not just for Judy, but to play in contrast to Christina's Jen. So we kind of rolled the dice. Sometimes you roll the dice and it turns up lucky sevens."


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