Dog Pays Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Late Furry Friend, Lies On The Grave For Hours

Dog Pays Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Late Furry Friend, Lies On The Grave For Hours

Gaspar and Kaya’s friendship was truly something special.

How are dogs so unbelievably full of unconditional love? Not just with humans but with their own kind as well. Marcelo Rodríguez's two dogs, Gaspar and Kaya, love spending time together and playing with each other. Despite a life full of love and affection, Gaspar passed away from an illness surrounded by near and dear ones. “Thank you for all the times we had together ... You will always be with us,” Marcelo Rodríguez, Gaspar’s owner, wrote in dedication to his dog. While tributes poured in, nothing came close to being as heartbreaking as sweet Kaya's response to losing her beloved furry friend. 



Kaya is a dog belonging to Rodríguez's mother. Though Gaspar lived with Rodríguez, he spent many of his happiest days in Kaya's company, reports The Dodo. “We would get them together on weekends to spend time together,” Rodríguez told the outlet. “That’s where their friendship began.” Sadly, Gaspar passed away after a battle with kidney failure and his body was laid to rest in Rodríguez's backyard. Kaya was brought in to pay her last respects but what happened next surprised everyone. When she saw Gaspar’s grave, a fresh mound of dirt in the backyard, she lay atop it. “That's when she spent the whole morning on top of his grave,” Rodríguez said. Rodríguez shared the images on Twitter, writing: Animals are superior beings that we will never understand and that we do not deserve.




Do dogs mourn the death of another pet? According to NBC News, a survey of dog owners in Italy discovered that 86 percent of them saw negative changes in the behavior of a surviving dog after the death of a companion dog in the same household. Dr. Federica Pirrone, a veterinary physiologist at the University of Milan and the lead author of the study published in the journal, Scientific Report, told the outlet in an email, “Domestic dogs are a social species who have adapted to live in multispecies societies.” She continued, “There is plenty of literature showing that they develop both dog-dog and dog-owner attachments, thus we expect the mechanisms to be similar." When dogs see that their owner is grieving for the dead dog it can also have a negative effect, Pirrone said. "Domestic dogs are best described as social animals who may develop strong affiliations with members of their group,” she said. “I believe that the grieving behavior of dogs is more likely related to their ability to form an emotional bond.”

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