Dr. Pepper Reveals New Limited Edition Flavor: FANtastic Chocolate

Dr. Pepper Reveals New Limited Edition Flavor: FANtastic Chocolate

The limited-edition flavor will not be hitting the shelves and can be accessed only through the new Dr. Pepper "Pepper Perks" rewards program.

Dr. Pepper has earned its reputation as one of the best carbonated soft drinks. Americans love their daily dose of soda and Dr. Pepper is among the top five drinks they consume. It is also one of the oldest major brands in the US. One unique aspect of Dr. Pepper is that it is known for its 23 flavors. But they have released unique limited edition flavors in the past that have left fans of the drink wanting more. This time, Dr. Pepper has released another interesting new flavor that is right in time for football season. 

Behold, the Dr. Pepper FANtastic Chocolate.



A carbonated drink that is also a dessert? Many may be skeptical of how carbonated chocolate could taste like but there's only one way to find out. In a press release, Dr. Pepper stated: "The delectable combination of Dr. Pepper and chocolate is an extra sweet treat perfect for any-size victory." The soda is packaged in the signature Dr. Red burgundy color and is also accompanied by melting chocolate and a chocolate football as well. The packaging does look intriguing and will definitely prompt many people to give the drink a try. But it won't be that easy this time. 



The limited-edition flavor, however, will not be hitting the shelves. The release of the new flavor "is a celebration of fandom and marks the introduction of the new Dr. Pepper 'Pepper Perks' rewards program." What this means is that to get access to the limited-time offering of the new flavor, consumers need to have a scanned proof of purchase QR code on Dr. Pepper purchases. You will then have to create a "Pepper Perks" account. Once you earn a qualifying amount of points, you can redeem it to purchase the exclusive new FANtastic Chocolate flavor. But this is only as long as stocks last.


Fans can also enter for a chance to win a trip to the College Football Playoff National Championship and redeem other Dr. Pepper branded gear designed to enhance the game day and cheer on our favorite college teams. For more information, you can check the Dr. Pepper website. Will the effort be worth the wait? Soda drinkers have a lot to say about it. Betty Lou Glasgow commented, Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice, but I don’t want chocolate In it. And I am a chocoholic! Derek Tanner said: Cherry Dr pepper is good. Dr. Pepper with cream soda is good. But this just sounds... Wrong.

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A few years ago Dr. Pepper had released a similar flavor — Cherry Chocolate. It was a hit or miss with many people. One person reviewed this flavor by stating: I am a huge Dr. Pepper fan but I found this flavor to be kind of disgusting. The idea was good but just didn't come across well in a soda. But another person said, Omg!! Taste just like tootsie pops!!! I liked it, I think it was a nice change from normal diet sodas, and I drank it every chance I got.... which was like 3 times...We will have to wait and find out how the Dr. Pepper FANtastic Chocolate fares.



The people over at Paste Magazine got to taste the drink exclusively and had this to say: "It is pretty darn sweet, as you would no doubt expect, with more of that bright raspberry and sweet dark cherry/chocolate character, but somehow it remains at least marginally drinkable in spite of itself." They also added, "There’s no missing that this is 'dessert soda,' albeit one that chocolate fans might really love." But for now, while you wait, however, you can never go wrong with the classic Dr. Pepper flavors.


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