There's A Lingerie Set That Turns You Into a Sexy Cheeseburger

There's A Lingerie Set That Turns You Into a Sexy Cheeseburger

Because nothing says "hot" like a burger bra.

Some couples love using edible items to spice up their lives in the bedroom. So, move over chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and say hello, cheeseburgers. Well, not quite literally. But a dressmaker in New Zealand has taken inspiration from the fast-food item to create a racy underwear set. According to Oddity Mall, Estelle Peacock has created a sexy cheeseburger ensemble with all the works. The multi-layered pieces included a lettuce garter, a bun bra with tomatoes and veggies popping out, and another bun on the panties. The colorful lingerie set is guaranteed to make you look like the tastiest burger that your partner has ever seen.


However, if you're craving this look, we have some bad news. Estelle made it the one time for a friend. But on the positive side, she hopes to make more and sell them on her eBay shop. You can keep up to date with the one-of-a-kind cheeseburger lingerie on her Instagram page or Facebook page. We got to admit, the cheesy, meaty underwear does take "food porn" and "looking like a snack" to a whole new level. Estelle wrote: The response to this costume is wonderful and overwhelming. For those who are new here my name is Estelle and I’m a self employed 30 year old living in Wellington, New Zealand. I don’t have any employees, everything you see here (and more!) I make all by myself in a little workroom. 👌 The burger costume was a bespoke one off outfit I made for a close friend competing in a pole dance competition. It is hand painted, rhinestoned and fitted. A one off like this takes me close to a full weeks work. I will be looking into if, how, and when I can produce some more burger outfits similar to this to meet demand. It would be unfair and unsustainable to make a bunch just like the one in my post. For now I ask that everyone has patience while I get back to you and your enquires.


Many fans of the sexy burger suit left comments on her Facebook post which she captioned: HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BURGER DAY! Andie is my favourite burger (slightly bias opinion), tell me what ingredients are in your ultimate burger! #internationalburgerday #burgerday #burger #burgerbikini #burgercostume @ Estelle Peacock Dressmaker and Costumier. Katie McLeod responded: Hottest burger ever. Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark wrote: Love love love it! I want that outfit. Emily Trent said I would like to purchase this set!  Although fans are upset that multiple lingerie sets are not available, maybe other dressmakers will take inspiration to create similar delicious-looking underwear? For now, artists are creating tons of fan art inspired by the cheeseburger lingerie set. Check them out below.





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