An Adult Version Of The Little Tikes Toy Car Exists And It Goes Upto 70 Miles Per Hour

An Adult Version Of The Little Tikes Toy Car Exists And It Goes Upto 70 Miles Per Hour

This snazzy ride has been approved for driving down real roads and goes up to a whopping 70 miles per hour.

If you remember cruising down an apartment corridor or sidewalk in your red and yellow Little Tikes toy car, then prepare to have your mind blown. Attitude Autos, a vehicle restoration and modification services company based in Oxfordshire, England, has developed an adult version that has been approved for the road. While you probably didn't go quite far as a child in the toy version, the adult version can reach a  swift 70 miles per hour. It may not be the fastest ride out there, but it's definitely worth it for that nostalgic drive down memory lane.


Brothers Geoff and John Bitmead, the geniuses behind Attitude Autos, were in quite the nostalgic mood one day. That's when they decided to create the Giant Little Tikes toy car. Their "Toytown Coupe," as they like to call it, first appeared on BBC News and quickly went viral across the internet. According to their official website, their story claimed a total of 21 million hits within its first eight hours of publication. As it turns out, the Bitmead brothers definitely weren't the only ones excited about taking a ride around town in those smooth wheels.


In addition to fulfilling their childhood whimsies, the brothers were also aiming to win themselves a Guinness World Record. While they didn't achieve the one they had their eyes own, they earned the World Record for the world's largest coupe in 2016. The duo shared on their official Facebook page: Just to recap, back in dim and distant past we built a mini rod Crazy Coupe in an attempt to steal a world record... We never got the one we aimed for but we ended up with another that we didn't expect! The world's largest Cozy Coupe. Awarded on August 14, 2016. As one would assume, demand for the Toytown Coupe isn't too high so these bad boys can't really be mass-produced, but it's definitely made the little child in me very, very pleased. Cheers to that!


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