Melania Trump Says She's The Only One In The Family Who Teaches Her Son What's Right And Wrong

Melania Trump Says She's The Only One In The Family Who Teaches Her Son What's Right And Wrong

Melania Trump is known to be very guarded about her son Barron, limiting their public appearances but in the past few months has opened up about him.

First Lady Melania Trump has always maintained a low profile letting her husband, President Donald Trump, take center stage. But she is finally opening up not just as a first lady but also as a mother. At a speech that she delivered at Liberty University, Melania Trump said, "I'm here speaking to you in my official capacity as the first lady, but I want you to know that I'm also here as a mother." At the event held in December, she also stressed on the campaign that she was there to promote. The 'Be Best' campaign tackles things like cyberbullying and opioid addiction.



She initially started the whole campaign on social media where she has urged that everybody needs to be kind and respectful. She claims to have been ready for all the criticism she would receive when the social media campaign kicked off but wanted to do what was best for not just our generation but also what was best for the generations that are yet to come. She also ended a part of her speech saying "Sometimes you need to fight back. I'm sorry."



She even brought up her 12-year-old son into the conversation, making it a lot more personal than it was initially. She let the media know what he had been up to as well. The reason no one can find him on social media is due to the fact that he isn't on any of the social media pages. She claims that it doesn't interest him at all. He instead focuses on his sports. She also spoke about how she is the one in the family who teaches her son "what is right and what is wrong."


Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

The former glamour model is very guarded about her son and she even limits her own public appearances, in the past few months she is seen to have opened up a lot. She now maintains a much higher profile. Sometime last year, Melania Trump went on a solo trip to Africa to promote her campaign against bullying. This was her first international solo trip as the first lady. 



The first lady even shook up the White House after a dispute that spilled into public view took place between the first lady's office and Mira Ricardel, the then-Deputy National Security Adviser. This feud led to Mira Ricardel losing her position. This leaves National Security Adviser John Bolton without one of his key allies in the White House. The feud was started between the first lady's staff and Mira Ricardel after Trump went on her solo trip to Africa.



Melania Trump even spoke about her life in the White House. She also addressed the Christmas decorations that were mocked on Twitter as #BloodTrees. She laughed it off and said that everyone has their own taste in today's modern world (in the 21st century). In her opinion, they looked "fantastic". While talking about the media, the current FLOTUS said she doesn't care much for the issues they focus on, "Well, they would like to portray different stories and focus on different, unimportant stuff really," Melania Trump further added, "And I'm here to shine the light on the important stuff and talk about the things that I can help - next generation, our children, and to grow up in young adults and later to adults and be responsible in their own lives."




There was a question raised regarding whether she would be open to writing about her experiences in an autobiography and all she had to say was that if she were to write about her experiences then she would have to write a lot more than just one book. 



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