Florida Firefighters Mow 83-Year-Old Veteran's Lawn After Treating Him For Heat Exhaustion

Florida Firefighters Mow 83-Year-Old Veteran's Lawn After Treating Him For Heat Exhaustion

The veteran's leg gave out and he fell, and his wife was unable to pick him up till a passer-by who saw them struggling called for help

A group of firefighters turned into a lawnmower crew for an 83-year-old veteran after he suffered from heatstroke and collapsed in his yard. On October 12, Prince Pinkney, a Florida resident, was mowing the lawn, but the senior citizen started to feel sick, and soon his leg, which never fully recovered from a stroke, buckled. "It was hot, and I got overheated,” Pinkney told WSVN. "When it gave out, I just fell right in the yard out there." His wife, Rebecca Pinkney, who tried to help him up but couldn't, said: "He slipped, he just fell. I had him by the arm, but I couldn’t hold him up."


Thankfully, a person passing by saw the Pinkneys struggling and called for help. Minutes later, a three-member crew from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue arrived at the scene and treated Pinkney for his exhaustion. “We treated them and checked them out," said Lieutenant Mathew Wells, of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. However, the crew wasn't quite done after nursing the veteran back to his feet. Seeing how the lawn in the yard still needed a bit of trimming, the fire rescue team promptly pitched in to complete the job for the Pinkneys. "I think we can cut their lawn while we’re doing this," Wells recalled the moment his team decided to turn into a lawnmower crew. "It wasn’t much of a discussion,” added a medic from the group.


But the firefighters weren't done. They showed up hours later to check in on how the senior citizens from the Southwest Third Court neighborhood were doing. The Pinkneys recognized that the firefighters went the extra mile to keep them safe and were very thankful for their service. "I thank you so much for cutting the yard for me," Rebecca said, "We really appreciate you." Pinkney, a missile technician during the Vietnam War, too, thanked them. The news quickly reached Captain Terry Maylor who was thrilled with the beautiful effort his crew members put in while still lauding the Pinkneys for their years. "Their story is amazing in itself. Their age, what they’ve gone through, his history as a veteran serving this country," he told the outlet. "If that doesn’t move you to go ahead and do what you’re capable of, then nothing will."




People on social media showered messages of love and support for the random act of kindness the firefighters did for the old couple. Commenting on a video of the lawnmowing taken by the couple's neighbor, a user called Kathy Watson wrote: "Thank you for your kindness. Seniors don't always get needed help but when we read something this it restores our faith in mankind." Darilyn Whitaker added: "Bless them. That's the way elders need to be taken care of where needed." Barbara Dages opined: "My hat is off to you gentlemen/women for your good work. Thank you!"




This isn't the first time firefighters have gone above and beyond their call of duty. According to a CBS News, in 2018, a firefighter who worked to fight California wildfires didn't just save a man's house, he even saved his garden by watering the plants.


Speaking to the outlet, Jeff Grants, the homeowner, said: "This note was in the front door, saying, 'I have watered your flowers and garden a couple of days. Hope they make it.'" Meanwhile, Ray Barber, the chief of Red Bluff, California, and the man who saved the garden from rotting away said with a hint of humility: "I realized that this garden was still intact, still salvageable, and so that morning I watered it and then returned that evening and then again the next day."

Source: Facebook/Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

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