Ginger & Honey Wraps Could Help Remove Mucus And Ease A Bad Cough

Ginger & Honey Wraps Could Help Remove Mucus And Ease A Bad Cough

Cough syrup does more harm than good suggests research but ginger wraps have no negative effects and clears music in the lungs overnight.

Whenever someone comes down with a case of cold or flu, it usually begins with a raw throat. Before you know it, you are coughing and sneezing all day long and dealing with the irritation around your nose that comes with constantly wiping it. The illness is accompanied by endless fatigue that makes you feel worse. It definitely is an all-around nuisance as you can barely catch some sleep, and the most bothersome fact is the everyone avoids you in a bid to not contract the virus and fall sick themselves. Being an adult, if you feel like that the world is crumbling around you when you're sick, just imagine what a child must be going through when they are ill with a nasty cold. 

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In general, most adults have immune systems that are more developed than kids and so they are unable to fight off the cold-causing virus as efficiently as grown-ups. It's more like a nuisance for adults but for kids, a cold could develop into serious conditions like pneumonia and croup, or trigger infections like ear infections and sinus infections. So, parents usually visit a doctor why prescribes cough syrup to help ease the symptoms of the child. However, doctors seldom warn of possible negative side-effects and long-term complications that consuming syrups have.

According to WebMD, the side effects of cough syrups include dizziness, blurred vision, drowsiness, nausea vomiting headaches, or trouble sleeping. These discomforts may be caused due to the presence of two ingredients called codeine and dextromethorphan, which could cause severe health complications if taken in high doses. It could possibly hinder a child's ability to battle the impending issues followed by a bout of cold. According to website drugabuse.com, taking high doses of dextromethorphan could cause cognitive dysfunction and impaired memory.

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Meanwhile, codeine also has a negative effect similar to dextromethorphan and per Alcohol and Drug Foundation, it is a part of a drug group called opioids, which react with the receptors of the same in the brain and can help the body provide pain relief, relaxation, and pleasure. Now, this drug has different effects on different people depending on their weight, size, body tolerance, and whether it's being mixed with other drugs. The common negative side effects of this drug include dizziness, confusion, tiredness, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, dry mother, and allergic rashes in adults. One can shudder to imagine the drastic effects it might have on one's kids.

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Thankfully, there's a healthier option that involves a simple ginger wrap. Ginger has medicinal properties that can help with digestion, reduction of pain, inflammation, nausea, and in this case provide relief from cold and flu. It's important to note that using natural ingredients like raw honey has a more beneficial impact on curing the condition. You'll be amazed to see the benefits ginger wraps and honey has on your child overnight. 


Here are the things you will require:

• 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger or ginger powder
• raw honey
• olive oil
• flour
• napkins
• adhesive tape
• gauze

Follow these steps to make these wraps:

1. Mix the honey and flour to a smooth consistency

2. Add olive oil and the ginger before mixing again

3. Apply the mixture on a napkin and wrap gauze around it

4. Lastly, fix it on your chest or back with the help of adhesive tape. 

The wraps can be kept overnight for adults and it can make you sweat more than usual. But for children, it should not be kept for too long.  Keep it on only three hours before going to bed, as children have sensitive skin. The wrap, with no negative effects, will clear the mucus in the lungs during the night and in the morning you can wake up without an irritating cough. This home remedy was first suggested in a clip posted by "I Love Natural Medicine" Facebook page and has since gone viral.


A doctor from Spokane, Washington, was a bit hesitant and questioned the particular home remedy, per KREM. "In order to be convinced that a remedy like this is truly effective, I think it needs to be peer-reviewed. I think it needs to be studied against a placebo," said Dr. Charles Haigh from Multicare Rockwood Clinic. "From a physiologic standpoint, I find it hard to see how our natural barrier, skin barrier, will absorb this and address a cough." He continued, "There are numerous examples of home-based remedies or over the counter remedies, or herbal remedies, that have been shown to be effective but they have been peer-reviewed."

Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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