15+ Gorgeous Men Represent Their Country’s National Dress In Male Beauty Pageant

15+ Gorgeous Men Represent Their Country’s National Dress In Male Beauty Pageant

Mister Global contestants each wore an outfit that represents their home country... and the results are stunning!

Mister Global is a beauty pageant that has been taking place in Thailand for nearly eight years. After a two-year hiatus, contestants from 33 different countries traveled to Mahasarakham, Thailand, to compete for the title of “Mister Global” this year. Like most pageants, the competition includes several events, the most anticipated of which is the “National Costume” segment.



Speaking to Bored Panda, the pageant elaborated that "the national costume competition is a major highlight of the contest. There are a lot of pageants and people from around the world waiting for this, as it's one of the most exciting sections. We can see and learn about fashion culture from different countries through a national costume, designed and presented through a contestant that represents their country. Besides, we have a very talented photographer, David Ryo, who makes the national costume portraits more interesting." David Ryo captured a beautiful and diverse series of portraits. Some participants wore ensembles that resemble historic costumes while others wore designs that had a modern flair.



DJ Davids, a model and fitness trainer, represented the U.S. this year. He described his look on Instagram stating: From sea to shining sea and the iconic skylines of the Grand Canyon emerges America’s most revered creature. When the bald eagle spreads its wings, it’s distinct structure and powerful presence in the sky brings comfort to its friends and frightens its foes. Reimagined with the colors of liberty and decorated with iconic symbols of American culture, the Soaring Liberty Warrior costume was inspired by the values of a nation that fights for freedom and prides in achievement of 'E pluribus unum,' out of many, one.



So, who finally won in the category? Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, and the USA. Check out their stunning costumes below along with other competitors. And who is the person who bagged the top prize overall? The 21-year-old Spain representative, Miguel Ángel Lucas, who is training to become a firefighter in Madrid, won the title of "Mister Global".















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