Heartbreaking Video Shows 90-Yr-Old Grandmother Fall Trying To Protect Grandson From Police

Heartbreaking Video Shows 90-Yr-Old Grandmother Fall Trying To Protect Grandson From Police

In the emotional video, the woman tries to protect her 21-year-old grandson from the police as they point their guns at him. He had run a stop sign.

A dramatic video shared by Justin A. Moore on Instagram shows a 21-year-old black man in Midland, Texas, lying on the ground, asking police officers whether they intend to shoot him. The officers point their guns toward him as Tye Anders' 90-year old grandmother walks towards him in an attempt to protect him. In a statement to NewsWest 9, Midland Police said that Anders had jumped a stop sign and then continued on in his vehicle until he arrived at his grandmother’s home on Pine Street. The cops say that they directed Anders to exit his vehicle but he refused to cooperate and exit the vehicle. "Upon exiting the vehicle, officers advised the subject to walk towards them to be detained, the subject then stopped and laid on the ground," MPD said. 



According to the Atlanta Black Star, in the video, the young man was lying face down on his grandmother’s lawn in Midland while officers ordered him to get up and walk towards them. He refused because he was scared of being shot. "No, no! F–k no! You’re gonna shoot me," he shouted at them. "We not going to do anything as long as you listen," one cop said. "We just need you to listen to us. We need you to stand up and walk back toward our vehicles." A woman off-camera yelled,  "He scared! Y’all have guns on him, he’s black. Do y’all not see how many black people are getting shot?! Do you not see that? And y’all have guns on him! He’s only 21! Of course, he’s f—–g scared!"



"Y’all gonna find any reason [to shoot him] because he black!" she continued. "Because of the color of our f—–g skin we get punished!" The young man begged the officers to put their guns away.  "I’m scared," he yelled more than five times.  The police explained that they wanted to pull him over for a traffic offense. Anders’ 90-year-old grandmother, who was clutching a walking stick, eventually walked out and stood next to her grandson. A young woman told the officers, "Just put your guns up! We’re black, they shoot black people, he’s not getting the f–k up." Anders was arrested and charged with felony evasion of arrest. His grandmother passed out after the fall and was treated at a local hospital.



Since the incident, Anders has hired a civil rights attorney out of Dallas. Justin Moore Moore told NewsWest 9 Anders' side of the story is quite different from the police. "We believe and maintain that this was a stop based on racial profiling and there was no traffic violation," Moore said on the phone. He added that the 21-year-old was put in handcuffs and placed in the back of the arresting officer’s squad car, where he was then assaulted by another officer, multiple times in the face. Moore said in a statement: Racial profiling and pretext stops have been at pandemic levels in this country for generations. This incident falls within this age-old trend of following black men and arresting them for fabricated reasons. Midland District Attorney Laura Nodolf said the incident is under investigation. She affirmed: This case has just been sent to my office. We are in the process of reviewing all police submitted evidence including dash cam and body cam videos, once that is complete we will evaluate if this case will be presented to a grand jury and the felony charge will be prosecuted.



Tye Anders has had only one prior encounter with the police. Back in January, he was convicted for possessing less than 2 oz. of marijuana, which is a Class B Misdemeanor. Moore plans to continue the fight for the young man, and in a recent Instagram post, he announced that a support rally for Anders would be announced soon. He sent a press release with the caption: My office’s response to the Mayor of Midland refusing transparency about why Tye Anders was pulled over, why he and his 90-year-old grandmother had multiple pistols pointed at them, why he was arrested, and why he was subsequently assaulted while being in handcuffs. A suite of questions that need answers.


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