Guy Says Women With Abs Are "Gross" And "Look Like Men", Gets Roasted

Guy Says Women With Abs Are "Gross" And "Look Like Men", Gets Roasted

Another cis man on the internet has an opinion about women's bodies and gets shut down with witty burns.

The internet in general and social media, in particular, has taken the role of a personal diary for many people. It has become a space online that allows users to brain dump all their thoughts and opinions. Every single thought conceived in the mind need not be expressed, especially if the take is so bad it feels like taking a trip down to the dark ages. Passing off bigotry as a real opinion is worse since it will attract other uninformed bigots like moths to flames. One such thoughtless opinion was tweeted by a Canadian man who really thought he had something to say.





Richard Cooper on Twitter proclaims that he "crushes comforting lies, with uncomfortable truths on money, business & women." In what he thought was one such "uncomfortable truth", he tweeted: Why do women train for ripped abs? It's because they want to look like men; truthfully it's gross. Lips, tits & hips. Men are simple, we want the classic beauty of a feminine hourglass shape. At no time in history did men ever want women with ripped abs. Many of his loyal followers saw merit in the statement. But there were others who have criticized Cooper with wit and roasted him with such flair that should teach him and other cis men that they have no say in the matters of a woman's body. 

This is what Twitter had to say:







BeatMD tweeted: As someone that trains at specific powerlifting and bodybuilding gym, it because it's their passion. It's their job, they have goals. What I see typically when I walk in is guys and girls posing in mirrors. I agree with what most of you say, but this I disagree on.

And this whole thread of replies was gold:




















Cooper was labeled as what some might call an incel belonging to the "Men's Right Activist" club.













And the burns kept on coming:






After the roasts and pointing out the obvious, that women did not exist to please his whims and fancies, it encouraged women to get abs even more.











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