Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest And Most Magical Hair Trend Of 2020

Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest And Most Magical Hair Trend Of 2020

The pastel and opalescent hues will transform you into a unicorn fairy this summer

An unspoken ritual of being in lockdown has been learning to bake, home workouts, and when you have tried it all, messing with your hair. For some people, the thrill is in cutting their own bangs, but for others, it's going through a complete makeover. And this year, many have chosen to transform into a unicorn thanks to the hottest new hair trend called the holographic hair. With its iridescent and metallic hues, you are sure to look like a fairy from the world of your prettiest fantasies. 





This pastel and opalescent hairstyle is probably one hair experiment you can't take on by yourself. According to  Chiala Marvici who is a Redken colorist with Modern Salon, the holographic trend requires a certain skill and can be achieved with a technique called hand-pressed coloring. It's a complicated procedure that involves Plexiglas.  The hand-pressed coloring uses the same methods like screen printing and brings that to your locks. Marvici told Pop Sugar that she paints different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with dye, places a section of hair onto the glass, and then transfers the dye to the strands of your hair.





This process is repeated by the stylist who then uses multiple pastel hues of pink, blue, and lavender alternatively on different sections of the hair. It is also done repeatedly on the same section to vary the intensity of the color, or how you would like it. Contrary to what you'd think, the hand-pressed technique is actually much faster than other techniques of applications like foil and balayage. It's a versatile technique that ensures the stylist has control over the vibrancy of the colors. "It gives you the option to create strong or soft results," Marvici told Modern Salon.





The holographic hair is multi-tonal and multi-dimensional with diffused patterns. "I feel people are thirsty for something new and this trend gets the ball rolling," Marvici said. "I have already thought of new ways to evolve this trend and will work on that very soon." She has only taught this technique to a handful of stylists so far, but the trend has caught on pretty fast. The application process could take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes and the processing does not take longer than 30-45 minutes, so you can be a new person sooner than you think. 





Marvici has been a pioneer in the hairstyling field. Speaking of her profession, she said, "I feel grateful and honored to be a part of such a cool craft, it inspires me every single day. There is nothing more inspiring than sharing new concepts and trends with open-minded hairstylists who are ready to elevate and evolve our industry." Do remember that if you're inspired to change your look, you will need light-colored hair for the best results. Alternatively, if you want to have a trial run before taking the plunge, you can try the L'oreal Paris temporary hair color or hair make up to see if you're up for the change. 



Once you've gone through with the life-changing transformation, maintaining the new hair is just as important. Make sure to use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. You can also opt for glosses in between color treatments to keep the vibrance of your hair color. For at-home hair treatment, you can use gloss serums, sprays, and glitters. This hair care can also be applied to other colored hair. To really make your holographic hues pop, go wavy. The iridescent shine from wavy hair is like no other.




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