Man Abuses A Cowering Dog And Spits On The Terrified Animal In Shocking Case Of Animal Cruelty

Man Abuses A Cowering Dog And Spits On The Terrified Animal In Shocking Case Of Animal Cruelty

The man was seen dragging his injured dog down the street while shouting at the poor animal. The RSPCA has initiated an investigation.

CCTV footage captured in East Victoria Park, Perth, Australia, has revealed a man walking his injured dog abusing the poor creature, The Daily Mail reports. The dog, struggling to keep up behind his owner, was hit, spat on, and dragged across the street. The footage was uploaded to social media platform Facebook on Tuesday, September 3, after which the clip went viral. The post pleaded for anyone who may have any information about the abusive owner to come forward in order to protect the dog. At present, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been alerted about the incident.



According to the individual who posted the footage online, the owner of the property where the clip was recorded, she approached the man when she heard him screaming at her doorstep. Though she begged for the pet owner to stop abusing the dog, he simply began verbally abusing her instead. Following the incident, she reported the matter to local RSPCA and police officials. The police department, however, is not involved; they requested that she approach the RSPCA.


Since the video was first uploaded, The Daily Mail reports that it has received almost a million views and over a thousand comments. Meanwhile, the RSPCA has been tracking the case diligently. As they continue their investigation, they have allegedly received lots of information about the abusive owner. The homeowner has thus thanked the online community for coming forward with whatever details they have. She wrote: Thank you to those who have come forward with information on this man. An outcome may or may not be posted by the RSPCA as there are privacy laws protecting the man who committed the offense against the animal. Hopefully, we will hear an outcome. Thanking everyone for their support.


As the RSPCA continues to follow-up on the leads that they have received, others have taken to the post's comment section to weigh in on the matter. One user posted: Pure EVIL! Another added: Come past my house doing that, I'll drag him around and slap him up. Another, still, perhaps a bit more furious, stated: I'd like to chain him up and drag him along the footpath while spitting on the grub. Pups are man's best friend, there for you through thick and thin. F*ck*ng disgusting. At the moment, the hunt is still on for the abusive owner. The community hopes he will be nabbed and appropriately punished at the earliest.


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