Jogger With Dog Sweetly Comforts 6-Year-Old Girl During Her Father's Funeral

Jogger With Dog Sweetly Comforts 6-Year-Old Girl During Her Father's Funeral

Raelynn Nast was outside a funeral home in Arkansas where when she befriended the jogger and her pet dog

Six-year-old Raelynn Nast was on the steps of a  funeral home in Fort Smith, Arkansas when she called out to a passing jogger, Emily Beineman with a request. The little girl wanted to pet Beineman's pup named Blue who accompanied her. Beineman did not know the little girl had just been through a tragedy. Nast's father had just passed away and she was at his funeral service. Beineman walked up to the little girl and said she could pet Blue provided her parents did not mind. On a Facebook post, Beineman wrote: the little girl did a shy little smile & said "oh my parents aren’t out here- my mom’s inside & my daddy died... we are at his funeral." But before she could even process what she had been told, Blue walked up to the girl for pets as if she understood the situation and wanted to provide comfort. 



Beineman added: Before I could say a word- Blue walked up to this little girl & ever so gently sat down in front of her & the girl wrapped her arms around Blue’s neck & wouldn’t let go. The gesture left the girl's family, friends including Blue's owner in tears. She wrote: there wasn’t a dry eye to be found (except this little girl). I quickly dried my eyes (I was very thankful for tinted sunglasses) & sat & talked to this little girl for a few minutes. But that wasn't the end of it. Nast asked Beineman if she wanted to come inside and "meet my Daddy!!!" to which she obliged, although with some hesitation as she was not dressed for her occasion given that she had just finished a three-mile run. She wrote: "if you want me to meet your daddy, I’d absolutely love to as long as it’s ok that I look like this!” (Keep in mind I had just got done running 3 miles- LOL) I walked into the funeral home with this sweet girl, met her daddy, her mom, & her grandparents.



She added: She showed me the beautiful bouquet of flowers that surrounded his casket & told me how pretty she thought everything looked. She then asked if me & Blue would stay for a few more minutes- she wanted to pet Blue a little more. So we did. People were moved by what had taken place. Beineman wrote: This little girl’s Aunt & Uncle looked at me with tears running down their face & her aunt whispered “I think God led you & Blue over here today for a reason... Blue’s love & gentleness that she has showed her has touched our hearts.” The little girl's mother, Lacey told CBS News, "She (Nast) was very proud of her dad. She always wanted to introduce her dad to everybody." He passed away from colon cancer at 41.  "It was a cry that was pure heartbreak," Lacey said. 



For Beineman and Nast, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The two have met once after the funeral and plan to do so more often. "She helped me feel better by her kindness," said Nast. As for Blue, her owner has nothing but pride and love. She added: I’ve always referred to Blue as my “gentle giant” because I’ve always felt that she could sense when someone is sad/upset/etc. & has this overwhelming calmness about her that is indescribable. Beineman believes that this happened for reason, and was grateful that she could help the little girl out during a difficult time.  She wrote: Today, I am thankful for many things. But I’m especially thankful for God allowing us to meet this special little girl on one of the hardest days of her life. This little girl will probably never realize how special today was for me- but it was exactly what I needed.





She concluded: I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. & I truly believe we were meant to meet this little girl... she is the perfect reminder of God’s goodness & faithfulness through every storm.

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