Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend For Calling His Caring Relationship With His Brother "Disgusting"

Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend For Calling His Caring Relationship With His Brother "Disgusting"

After his girlfriend walked in on him asleep with his brother on the couch, the situation escalated very quickly.

No matter how long you've been dating someone, it is when you're going through something unimaginably difficult that you learn about who they truly are as people. In a post uploaded to discussion website Reddit, 22-year-old user Kmm222- described the reason behind why he broke up with his girlfriend of two years. After his parents passed away, leaving him and his 15-year-old brother behind, the user was responsible for taking care of his younger sibling. This meant they formed an intimate bond, as brothers pulling through tough situations together tend to. Apparently, this didn't sit well with his girlfriend. She called their relationship "disgusting," following which, he decided to break up with her.


Kmm222- posted: I’m a legal guardian of my 15-year-old brother. We’re very close and we have always been like that. He lives with me now obviously. He often gets really sad, we recently lost our parents, so I comfort him as best as I can. So, about my girlfriend, we have been together for two years. She doesn’t live with me, she stays over really often though, so she has the house keys. Two days ago, she came over without warning me. My brother [and I] were asleep on [the] couch, he wasn’t wearing a shirt because it was hot, and he was laying on top of me.



And cue the awkward allegations. He continued: She woke us up and made a scene in front of him. She said that our relationship was weird and disgusting and it’s extremely concerning that he’s so affectionate towards me. My brother was in tears and he even apologized to her. I brought him to his room and calmed him down. I went back to [the] living room, she was sitting on [the] couch, watching TV and acting like nothing happened. I told her to get the f*ck out. She got defensive again and said that she was just stating her opinion without hurting anyone. I grabbed her wrist and brought her to [the] door. I didn’t hurt her, she was following me, I didn’t use any force. She left, she called me [a] few times but I didn’t answer.


The user then asked if he had made a mistake, to which the answer among other users was a unanimous no. Presumably, after reading the many comments on his post, he decided he did not need her negative energy in his life. He updated: Thanks for all the comments. I talked to her, she still said that she didn’t do anything wrong, she didn’t hurt my brother and it wasn’t her fault that he started crying. I broke up with her. While the loss of a relationship is always a sad, difficult thing, Kmm222- probably made the right decision in this case. 


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