Man Throws His Baby Daughter Into A Dumpster Because She Was 'Too Ill'

Man Throws His Baby Daughter Into A Dumpster Because She Was 'Too Ill'

The police department released a statement that said the couple thought the baby was 'incurable' after they noticed she had turned purple-ish green around two hours after being born.

Trigger Warning: This article contains details of child abandonment that readers may find disturbing

Some people do the sickest of acts, and often times they have no justification whatsoever. A man in south-west China has been taken into custody after he abandoned his newborn daughter in a dumpster. The accused had allegedly put the baby girl into a paper bag before throwing her away on January 15 - just two hours after his girlfriend gave birth to her at their home. After being questioned under custody, the man claimed that he and his girlfriend saw the baby girl turning purple, and assumed that she was 'incurable'. He cited this as the reason as he chose to get rid of her, according to Daily Mail

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The baby was found with her umbilical cord still attached, signifying that it was not a normal birth at a hospital. The child was immediately taken to the hospital after an elderly woman found her. The entire incident was captured on a nearby CCTV and showed the accused, named Li, wearing a red t-shirt and approaching the dumpster with a paper bag. This upsetting act took place in a neighbourhood in Xuanwei at around 4:30 p.m. The man would go on put the baby girl in the paper bag. He placed the bag in the public bin and left the scene.



Aside from the baby's umbilical cord still being attached when she was discovered by the old woman, Yunnan Daily reported that the child's face and lips had turned purple due to the cold weather. Nearby onlookers helped the old lady and sent the newborn to Xuanwei People's Hospital before she was later transferred to the city community centre. Footage emerged online showing the pensioner holding the baby in her arms and keeping her warm in some clothes. After local police officers from the Shuang Long precinct reviewed the CCTV footage, they set about tracking down Li. They quickly managed to find him and his girlfriend Lai at their apartment. 



According to police officers, the couple were not yet married and were in a live-in relationship. The woman, Ms Li had not done any pregnancy checkups and was eight months pregnant when she went into labour. The police department later released a statement that said that the couple thought the baby was 'incurable' after they noticed she had turned purple-ish green around two hours after being born. However, after the baby was sent and treated at the Xuanwei People's Hospital, the medical staff there confirmed to the police that the baby was in a healthy condition, without any terminal illness. Later on, the baby had been sent to a community centre to be taken care of. Authorities then arrested Li and detained him for violating China's criminal law and also took Lai in custody. Lai was released on bail and Li is still in custody, as further information is yet to be released. In related news, an 8-month-old baby girl was found severely burned and abandoned in a dumpster last month in New Haven. She was rescued and taken to Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital as the local police department worked with the Department of Children and Families (DCF)  to investigate the cause of her injuries.



Perry Dennis, who lives at the Presidential Gardens apartment complex on Dixwell Avenue, said he found the child when he went to throw out a box of Corn Flakes. “Both her little hands, they were pink and puffy and gooey,” said maintenance worker Rick Chardon, who was there to help. “It was horrible to see that on a baby.”. Meanwhile, Dennis said: “I threw the blanket away a little while ago,” and added: “every time I look at the blanket I see the baby’s face…I’m still thinking about the baby. As long as the baby is fine, getting better that’s all that matters to me.”

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