Man Puts His Head In Bizzare Caged Helmet To Stop Himself From Smoking

Man Puts His Head In Bizzare Caged Helmet To Stop Himself From Smoking

Ibrahim Yucel from Turkey decided to quit when his father died from lung cancer

Extreme problems require extraordinary solutions. And this is the exact philosophy a man in Turkey adopted to get rid of his incontrollable nicotine addiction. Ibrahim Yucel started smoking from an early age. For over 20 years since the age of 16, he had been smoking two packs a day reports IBT. When his father died from lung cancer he knew he had to quit and made a promise to himself and his family that he would. But doing this proved harder than anything else he had ever tried before. After several attempts at kicking the habit nothing worked. But he was not one who was disheartened. He hit upon a unique solution - locking his head in a customized helmet-like cage and giving the key to his wife. That way even if he wanted to smoke he could not.



Ibrahim would be a conspicuous presence everywhere he went looking like someone who had either lost his mind or one daring enough to try a medieval-looking headgear. Yucel got the idea from helmets worn by bikers. Just like this can protect them from head injuries, Yucel's helmet was designed to protect him from his addiction. His wife was a bit skeptical when he told her about his plan and even refused to go along with it. But she realized he was serious about it and later wholeheartedly supported him. In a video, Yucel's wife said she was embarrassed but was won over by her husband's determination. While Yucel can drink water using a straw and even eat crackers slipped through the wire, there's nothing much more he can do. 




He also swore an oath to his family, Allah, and the Qur’an that he will quit the habit. The cage is made of copper wires and his wife said since her husband put it he has not smoked. The story is from back in 2013. Some like Selby Evans had lots of questions: If it's only unlocked for meals does that mean he isn't brushing his teeth? Or is his wife in charge of maintaining both meals and dental hygiene?? Others like Mackenzie Clark commented it was a good idea to even quit other kinds of addiction: What a great solution for me to stop eating cookies! I'll just wear this cage! I wonder if I could still squeeze veggie straws between the bars though. Some recalled their own cigarette addiction and how they quit despite the hardships.




Joan Mikszta wrote: After total knee surgery the pain pills they gave me made so dizzy and feeling sick a Cig was the last thing I wanted so I quit cold turkey. Do glad I quite. Another commenter, Christopher Morgan recalled his mother's nicotine addiction: My mom smoked for about 40 years. She's now been smoke free for about a year and a half. All she did was quit cold turkey. Shell Bug commented: After almost 8 years I tried quitting by myself multiple times with no success. Finally my doctor gave me Chantax. You have to take it for 6 months and after doing research I seen that most people quit within the first week. I didn't. It wasn't until the 6th and last month came around I told myself it was now or never, and that's when I had my last cigarette.





She added: That was over a year and a half ago and I couldn't be happier. No matter how you do it, quitting is quitting. According to stats, 50 million people in America and millions more around the world are addicted to some type of tobacco product like cigarettes. 

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