Man Sexually Abuses 13-Yr-Old Stepdaughter, Asks If She Wants To ‘Fool Around’, ‘Go To Second Base’

Man Sexually Abuses 13-Yr-Old Stepdaughter, Asks If She Wants To ‘Fool Around’, ‘Go To Second Base’

The man from South Australia was arrested and convicted for his crime.

Trigger Warning: The story has details of a case of child sexual abuse that readers may find disturbing 

A man in South Australia was jailed after he sent his 13-year-old step-daughter lewd messages about his intent to sexually abuse her, reports The Sun. The man wrote about trying to “fool around” and said he wanted her to “try first and second base.” The man has three biological children of his own but it is not known if they are victims of his abuse as well. The victim was the daughter of his partner. The accused made his first move back in November 2018 when he was alone at home with the teen. He was found guilty earlier this month on two counts of aggravated communicating, with the intention of making a child amenable to sexual activity. He told investigators he noticed the girl texting her boyfriend and asked her a number of vulgar questions. Some of these questions included if she “had gone to first and second base.”



The girl said she did not know what he meant, to which the man offered to show her and said it was "like fooling around." He also asked her if she watched porn. The girl said in court she was taken aback by her stepfather's behavior but thought he was only "being silly" since he had been drinking. Two weeks later, the man messaged her complimenting her looks and apologized for his remarks from the previous time. He also asked her to not show the messages he sent her, to anyone. But then he again made her another offer to get physical. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.



The pedophile also tried to project himself as innocent when his abusive behavior was uncovered. During his sentencing, the judge observed that the man's crime had “all the flavor of a clever and manipulative process” of child grooming. “Your conduct was an appalling betrayal of the trust bestowed on you by the mother and the victim,” said the judge, while adding that he tried to “manipulate” his partner into thinking his actions were innocent. This effectively led to a rift between mother and daughter. “The plain fact of the matter is that your offending, convincing the mother of your innocence and causing her to side with you against her own daughter, is the catalyst for the destruction of their relationship and her estrangement from (her) siblings," said the judge. 



We recently wrote about a man in the US who was arrested for sending text messages about child molestation, abuse, as well as pictures of child pornography. Michael Kellar, 58, from Tacoma, Washington was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was on a flight to San Jose, California in 2017 when a passenger nearby noticed that he was sending several sexually explicit messages about children from his phone. Later, investigators found that he was interacting with his girlfriend about molesting her two children. The woman passenger next to him informed the cabin crew who, in turn, alerted law enforcement authorities. Kellar was questioned by enforcement officials and then arrested, once the plane landed. Investigators confiscated his phone and found several hundred sexually explicit images of the children on his phone and of messages with his girlfriend about abusing children.


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