Mark Walhberg Starts His Day At 2:30 AM As Part Of Extreme Routine For His Busy Schedule

Mark Walhberg Starts His Day At 2:30 AM As Part Of Extreme Routine For His Busy Schedule

Walhberg rises earlier than the sun itself and has two meals even before most of us can even get out of bed.

The effectiveness of a powerful morning routine should never be underestimated. Most successful people attribute their success to their routines, especially their morning and night routines. While the same mold may not fit everyone, picking a routine that works well for you can do wonders. There are some extreme routines that may seem too much for normal people with a nine to five job. But they can definitely serve as inspiration. 

One of the most extreme morning routines is probably that of actor, producer, and former rapper, Mark Walhberg. The 50-year-old has had a successful run in Hollywood as well as the music industry and could serve as a great inspiration.

Source: Actor Mark Walhberg attends the premiere of "Boardwalk Empire" at the Ziegfeld Theatre on September 15, 2010, in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)


But Walhberg's extreme routine is not for the light-hearted and heavy sleepers. The Entourage actor shared his routine on his Instagram. Walhberg rises earlier than the sun with his day starts at 2:30 am. While many of us are probably getting to bed, Walhberg is already starting his day. He starts off his day slowly by setting aside the first half an hour to pray. By 3:15 am he has the first meal of the day. He then gets to the first workout from 3:40 to 5:15 a.m. After his workout, he has his post-workout meal. He then has a long shower scheduled from 6 to 7:30 am. 



When most of us are dragging ourselves out of bed, Walhberg is out in the morning sun playing golf. It's not a long game or anything because after half an hour he is having another snack. After that, he has an hour-long session at the cryo chamber for recovery. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he explained how the cryo sessions help him recover from intense workouts. He said that the cold removes inflammation and can improve sleep, reported PEOPLE. This is followed by another snack before he goes to spend time with his family and his business meetings and work calls. 



At 1 pm, the Ted actor has lunch before going back to work. At 3 he picks his children from school and after another snack goes in for an evening workout. He showers at 5 and spends time with his family before having an early dinner at 5:30 pm. By 7:30 he is ready for bed. And he manages to get seven hours of sleep to start off the next day fully refreshed. He is a busy man and with an acting career, as a father of four children, and as a serial entrepreneur, what with being a partner in Wahlburgers restaurant chain and the owner of a car dealership in Columbus, Ohio, and as a co-founder of workout supplement company Performance Inspired, the extreme routine is not surprising at all.



“The only way to be the best is to keep working like you got nothing,” Wahlberg told Men's Health in a 2017 interview. “Keep getting after it, and be more and more aggressive, more and more focused every day. I don’t know. I have more drive and desire now than I ever have.” In a more recent interview, however, he revealed that the 2:30 am routine was taking a break during the quarantine. “I’m just maintaining until I get the word that we might be going back to work. Then I’ll get super disciplined again," he said about how he will snap back to the infamous routine as soon as his schedule gets tied up again.



He is currently working on a Netflix comedy film, Me Time with Kevin Hart. According to Deadline, the film "follows a stay-at-home dad (Hart) who finds himself with some 'me time' for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away. He reconnects with his former best friend (Wahlberg) for a wild weekend that nearly upends his life."


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