Melania Allegedly Confronted Step Daughter Ivanka For Stealing Her Office, Asked Her To Back Off

Melania Allegedly Confronted Step Daughter Ivanka For Stealing Her Office, Asked Her To Back Off

An explosive 2019 book describes a supposed confrontation between Melania and Ivanka when President Trump first moved into the White House.

The first daughter and the First Lady reportedly butted heads over office allotments when the Trump family first moved into the White House, claims an explosive 2019 book that chronicles the story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The book, Kushner Inc, describes a supposed confrontation between Melania and Ivanka over the latter allegedly laying claim to offices despite it being the First Lady's duty to oversee plans for the East Wing. Author Vicky Ward claims the President's daughter did not leave any offices for her stepmother, prompting the First Lady to put her foot down.



According to Express.co.uk, Ward wrote: Ivanka has, initially, been overseeing plans for the East Wing, ordinarily the First Lady’s job. Two transition officials saw the plans upon which Ivanka, or someone acting on her behalf, had stenciled in the corner office of the East Wing as 'Trump Family Office.' The transition officials were surprised that the First Lady did not appear to have an office. The author states that Melania was also taken aback by the plans and upon realizing what the mother-of-three was up to, "quickly put an end to Ivanka's scheming."



Two sources reportedly confirmed the incident to the author, claiming that Ivanka was told to "back off" and that there was no more talk of the 'Trump Family Office' after that. During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Ward touched upon the subject of Melania and Ivanka's supposedly strained relationship when asked if there was anyone in the White House who could keep the Kushners in check. Yes, she replied, naming the First Lady as "the only person in my book who has ever successfully stood up to Ivanka Trump and won."



Ward also spoke of how the President feels about his daughter and son-in-law's inexplicable influence in the Trump administration. She told Colbert that Trump is "very ambivalent" about having Ivanka and Jared work in the White House and that he hates it when they get negative press. "He's probably not going to like reading about this book too much. He hated it when Jared couldn't fill out his security clearance for many, many times," said Ward. "He hated it when they both misused email. They used private email servers."



She stated that the then-Chief of Staff John Kelly had tried to force them to resign, on Trump's orders, and that "they came to resign, and Trump couldn't do it... He cannot send his daughter home." Ward continued that Trump supporters believe that "his daughter and her husband may be his undoing, that they are far more dangerous to him than Robert Mueller." The author revisited the subject in an ABC News The Investigation podcast in March 2019, saying: "As to whether or not these two will be held accountable, I think this [could go either of] two ways."



"Either they will [face scrutiny from] a combination of Congress and prosecutors. Or their path, their trajectory, will continue as it has, which seemingly is remarkably unstoppable," she said. Ward's book prompted immense pushback from the Trump administration, for her depiction of Ivanka and Jared supposedly plowing through protocols that for generations were aimed at preventing public servants from misusing power for personal enrichment. "The book's main theme really is about two people who we all hoped, at the outset of this administration, would be the moral center of it -- would be moderating influences on a president known for his extreme character and extreme policies," said the author.



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