Missing 2-Yr-Old Child Allegedly Kidnapped By Uber Driver Found Dead In Park

Missing 2-Yr-Old Child Allegedly Kidnapped By Uber Driver Found Dead In Park

Two-year-old Nalani was reported missing on Saturday. Her body was found in a nearby park by police officials on Tuesday. An investigation is ongoing.

On Saturday, August 31, evening, toddler Nalani Johnson was reported missing in the state of Pennsylvania. It was alleged that she had been abducted by an Uber driver. Unfortunately, the two-year-old was found dead on Tuesday, September 3, in Pine Ridge Park in Blairsville, Indiana County, PEOPLE Magazine reports. District Attorney Patrick Dougherty revealed the tragic update at a news conference. At present, the young child's cause of death is yet to be identified but an investigation into the matter is being conducted. Members of the community have expressed their regrets and conveyed their condolences upon hearing the sad news.


Since the news conference, Allegheny County Police Department Superintendent Coleman McDonough released an official statement on social media platform Facebook. It read: I extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Nalani Johnson. We are grateful to you for your cooperation and support during the investigation. We would be remiss if we didn’t also thank all of the members of the public who submitted tips, as well as the concerned citizens and first responders who volunteered their time to assist in the search. Thank you for your caring and commitment... This is not the outcome that any of us would have wished. We will continue to keep the Johnson family in our thoughts.


Meanwhile, District Attorney Dougherty made a reference to a woman who is "currently in custody" in Allegheny County. He affirmed, "We believe that she is involved. To what extent, that is still being determined." While he did not confirm the woman's name, it has been speculated that the woman in question is 25-year-old Sharena Nancy who was arrested for allegedly kidnapping Nalani.


She was booked for reportedly speeding off in a black Yaris SUV with the two-year-old on Saturday evening after dropping off her father, Paul Johnson. At around 5 pm, he made a call to the police claiming that Nancy had kidnapped Nalani. When she was arrested a few hours later, Nalani was nowhere to be found. According to CNN, Nancy told detectives that Johnson sold the child to an individual for $10,000 and asked her to complete the drop-off. Nancy alleges that she was shown a photo of a woman that she was supposed to meet and that Johnson asked her to drive the toddler "20 minutes" from a gas station in Monroeville along US Route 22 to meet the woman. The driver says that she was told the woman would then "flag" her down and Nancy was to hand over the toddler. Nancy added she had encountered a silver SUV with an out-of-state license plate parked on the side of the road, and then passed the toddler and the car seat over to a woman standing next to the car before driving off. She also told police she saw a second woman inside the SUV.


At present, the Uber driver faces charges of kidnapping of a minor, interference with custody of children, and concealment of the whereabouts of a child. According to Pittsburgh’s Action News 4, an autopsy will be conducted on Wednesday, September 4. Hopefully, the investigation will soon come to a close and those responsible for the poor child's death will be brought to justice swiftly.


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