White Mom Buys Black Doll That Resembles Daughter's Best Friend, Gets Accused Of "Whitewashing"

White Mom Buys Black Doll That Resembles Daughter's Best Friend, Gets Accused Of "Whitewashing"

A White mother was judged by fellow moms for gifting her daughter a Black American Girl doll. She soon discovered she was not in the wrong.

When a White mother's decision to buy a Black doll resembling her daughter's best friend became the hot button topic of Facebook gossip, she took to Reddit in order to find out if she was the *sshole in this scenario.

She described the friendship between her daughter and her best friend, clarifying that the incident took place last summer before "everything went to sh*t." Some folks claimed that giving her daughter a Black doll "took Black dolls away from Black girls." Others accused her of whitewashing, which was odd, as the act of whitewashing is making non-White folks conform to White people's standards. Here's what went down.



The mother shared, "My daughter (Sarah) and her best friend (Alissa) have known each other since birth. A pregnant woman moved into the house next to mine, we bonded over pregnancy, and we gave birth two days apart. The girls have been inseparable ever since. They hang out every day, they want conjoined birthday parties, we even built a door in our fence so they can play in both backyards without having to walk around the front of the house."

Then, she explained how her daughter came in possession of the dolls in the first place. "They have always wanted American Girl Dolls," she stated. "They're expensive, so we decided for a kindergarten graduation present we'd take them to American Girl Place. My daughter saw a doll that resembled Alissa and decided she wanted to create a doll that looked like her, and Alissa would do the same. My daughter is White and Alissa is Black. She designs the doll, the girls have a blast, it was so cute."



Now, onto the problem. She continued, "I threw a small graduation party at my house for all the kids in the class and their parents. Sarah proudly shows off her new toy to anyone who will pay attention to her, telling everyone she made it look like Alissa. Two moms have a weird look on their faces when she shows them but I don't think much of it... The next day one of the moms posted on Facebook about how buying a doll of a different race was cultural appropriation and whitewashing. It wasn't directed at me but all the parents were agreeing in the comments. I didn't say anything about it." However, there was another post accusing her of the same thing soon after.



"We had another party for the 4th of July," she wrote. "Sarah invited a bunch of her friends from school and only Alissa came. I figured everyone else had other plans but again, another Facebook post about how the parents didn't want their kids hanging out with someone who 'takes Black dolls away from Black girls.' I don't think I'm TA (the *sshole) but I felt horrible that Sarah and Alissa couldn't see their friends. The situation cooled off as all the kids went off to different elementary schools and they have new friends now but a Facebook memory prompted a new argument." She asked, then, if she was the *sshole in this situation.



Resoundingly, most Reddit users disagreed. One responded, "Offering your kids toys or dolls that look like all kinds of people IS A GOOD THING." Another added, "That is so freaking ridiculous. Only a terrible racist piece of crap thinks kids can only play with dolls of their own race."

"This isn't cultural appropriation by any means," yet another user commented. "This is someone who wants her dolls to resemble her friend. There's nothing wrong with a child's dolls being diverse, at all... and she didn't take a Black doll away from a Black girl, those dolls are mass-produced and odds are they make a ton more of all of them (not just the Black one) than they ever sell."



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