Mother Forced To Fatally Stab Family Dog Attacking Her One-Year-Old Baby: "I Chose My Daughter"

Mother Forced To Fatally Stab Family Dog Attacking Her One-Year-Old Baby: "I Chose My Daughter"

Two dogs attacked the California mom's baby after she began to cry.

A California family went through a terrifying ordeal when their two dogs ended up attacking a one-year-old baby. The infant girl's mom Jamie Morales of Pico Rivera had to stab the pit bulls that mauled her daughter around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. According to KTLA, the two dogs attacked the baby identified by her family as Ruby Cervantes. First, a three-year-old dog attacked the child and then the second came in to tackle her. Both dogs have been with the family since they were puppies.



Family members rushed in to try to pull the dogs off little Ruby. "I walked into the kitchen and that's when I (saw)...my two daughters and my son on the floor trying to get the dogs off. Finally, my daughter got up...and that's when I (saw) my granddaughter," Ruby's grandmother Margaret Morales told ABC 7. "I (saw) the dog was latched on her left leg. That's when I had to actually get my hand into his jaws and open them up and that's when he released her."

Source: Getty Images/ Carolyn Ann Ryan


The dogs continued to attack the family and that's when the baby's mother grabbed a knife and stabbed the dogs. Four family members were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Why did the dogs attack the baby in the first place? Authorities say the two pit bulls attacked the one-year-old after she started crying. The baby suffered a fractured hip, along with bites to her left leg, shoulder, and ear. The girl's mother had her lip bitten as well as her face close to her eye.



"I had to stab the dog … I had to," she told KTLA. "It was either him or my daughter and I chose my daughter." The little girl is receiving treatment at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, where she will have surgery. "Like many others this morning I was horrified and dismayed at the news of the unprovoked attack on a one year child by a family's pit bulls," Pico Rivera Mayor Monica Sanchez said in a statement. "I'd like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and best wishes for a swift recovery for the child and injured members of the family."



One of the dogs died during the stabbing. The other dog that survived will be taken to animal control and will be euthanized, according to NBC Los Angeles. Margaret had owned the dogs, who came from the same litter. "I thought my daughter was going to die," Jamie told the outlet. "But she's strong," Margaret added.



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