Mum Begs For Birthday Cards For Son, 13, Who Told Her He's 'Had Enough Of Life' Due To Painful Skin Condition

Mum Begs For Birthday Cards For Son, 13, Who Told Her He's 'Had Enough Of Life' Due To Painful Skin Condition

13-year-old Rhys told his worried mom that he was done with life. Now, she's trying to prove that life is worth living and that there are people out there who care about him.

Rhys from Bolton, Greater Manchester, in the United Kingdom was diagnosed with a life-limiting and agonizing skin condition when he was born. Known as epidermolysis bullosa, his symptoms include painful skin blisters and sores. Unfortunately, due to the severity of his illness, his fingers have even fused together and he has been confined to a wheelchair. At only 13 years old, experiencing such suffering has had immensely negative effects on Rhys' mental health. Though his parents never expected for him to see his teenage years, they are happy they get more time with him than they first imagined. For the young teen, however, life looks hopeless. In a conversation with his mother Tanya Williams, he revealed that he had "had enough" of life. Now, she's hoping to show him that there are people who love and care about him. She's requesting families across the country to send him birthday cards in time for his 14th birthday on September 21, Metro.co.uk reports.



Tanya revealed in an interview with the news outlet, "The last few months, he's had enough of life. He's had enough of being in pain with the sores. He just wants to give up, he doesn't want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?" Rhys had previously told his mom, "I've had enough of life." He later added that he wished "a butterfly would come and take him away." Expectedly, as any mother would react, Tanya was devastated upon hearing how he felt.


Therefore, she is requesting families across the United Kingdom to send her son birthday cards to show him that people care. "He's such a happy boy most of the time but recently it's a struggle to try and get through to him," she said. "I don't think he can fight much longer, his life depends on this. Rhys' life revolves around school, Xbox, sleep, repeat. He doesn't want to go shopping because he doesn't like the way people look at him. I don't want him to be in pain anymore but I still want him to be here."



This is not the first time Rhys' family has made such a plea. In the past, they have done similar appeals during Christmas time. They gathered Christmas cards from residents all over Bolton and decorated their house with them in an effort to cheer little Rhys up. The concerned mother shared, "Every single card he received, he opened them with so much joy. He came home from school and he would see these Christmas cards. He got hundreds at a time. It showed him that he still needs to fight, that there [are] people out there who do care and do love him. Hopefully, it can make him see that not everything is bad."



It is not uncommon to struggle with mental health issues while battling a sometimes crippling, life-limiting condition. Rhys, who will soon be 14, has demonstrated immense strength, bravery, and courage. If you'd like to send in a birthday card to this young superhero, you can mail one in to the family's address at 40 Whalley Avenue, Bolton, BL1 5UD in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.  Let's make Rhys' day a special one!

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