Natural Light Just Dropped Its Beer Fruit Icicles & People Are Dying To Get Their Hands On These

Natural Light Just Dropped Its Beer Fruit Icicles & People Are Dying To Get Their Hands On These

These contain 8% alcohol by volume and are available in two flavors.

What are some of the essentials to cool off during the summers? Definitely beer and of course, frozen treats. But what if these two are combined into one? Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light has heard our needs and turned its fruity beers its boozy icicles. The Naturdays Frozen Icicles, as the products are called, come in two flavors—Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Lemonade—and were launched this week. The two flavors were already sold as lagers but turning them into icicles was nothing short of a masterstroke. It's a sure-shot way to get all those people who shy away from beer for one reason or another, to try these out. After all, who does not like icicles on a hot day?

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Daniel Blake, vice president of US value brands at Anheuser-Busch, told CNN he wanted the win over the "beer reluctant" drinkers with the latest products and entice them with the new "flavorful and affordable options" for drinkers. He added it was a way of growing the tribe of its beer drinkers who might not necessarily associate with the Natty Light brand. "We want to be the preferred alcohol brand — not just for beer — for drinkers between 21 and 30 years old," he added. And how is the company trying to put its products out there? Besides, of course, making it available in stores across the country, they are also doing it through their "Natty Lemonade Shack."



These are mobile stands that will be stationed at popular summer drinking hangouts all through June. And what's even better—these will offer the icicles for free. Each pack contains 12 Naturadays Frozen Icicles. Both these products have an alcohol content of 8% each by volume, so they are sure to make you tipsy if you have too much. "People want variety, which is what drives our innovation strategy," said Blake said. Once the announcement was made, people were posting about all sorts of plans. On Facebook, Alicia Nina tagged a friend and wrote: we need a chest freezer now because our freezer should be full of these for our enjoyment.



Others, like Jessica Boyes, wrote she would happily buy them. She wrote: If these are anything like the other vodka-cicles on the maker, they make a fantastic ice cube stick in a Claw. You’re welcome.  Another avid drinker named Darren Rosenfeld wrote: What fruity beers!!! You shouldn’t have!! And now alcohol otter pops!!! Oh yeah! I guess I had better simma down now, until I try one! Gonna be hard to get away from corona and lime! (sic). Drew Forro, a big fan of icicles said things could go out of hand for him with the icicles: As if my love for popsicles wasnt already out of control.



Another fan of the brand seemed desperate to get her hands on these. Brittney Stewart wrote: I swear if y’all don’t make them available in Washington state I’m gonna have to make my family in Florida send me a pallet. I need these NOW! Sara Hazen added: where are these going to be sold? Totally going to be staying cool with these in my hand as I am sitting by the pool! People better stock these up because Delish said these are being sold only for a limited time.

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