Oreo Is Releasing Gluten-Free Cookies Along With A Double Stuf Version

Oreo Is Releasing Gluten-Free Cookies Along With A Double Stuf Version

They will be available nationwide wherever Oreos are sold from the beginning of 2021.

One of the dietary changes that have been made prominent in recent decades is going gluten-free. A growing number of people are in-fact allergic to gluten found in wheat and other related products, and it has caused a stir in the market, particularly with junk food. People demand gluten-free options wherever they go, be it a restaurant or in the packaged product of their favorite brand. So, it does go to show that enjoying your favorite childhood snacks can be a bit difficult if you are looking for purely gluten-free options. Thankfully, the brands take the customers' requests into consideration as Oreo has just announced that they will launch a new, more allergy-friendly alternative to their classic cookie we love so much. 




The company had stated on social media that they will be bringing two gluten-free variants - regular and Double Stuf. These cookies will be permanent additions to their supply chains in the US once they arrive in January 2021. Fans are already ecstatic about the new cookies — and a ton of people took to the comments to share their feelings. "Oreo I love you even more now," one person commented, while another said "YASSSS CELIAC HOMIES UNITE." One more happy Oreo lover said: "Oh my goodness!!!! Yes!!!!!! The first thing I’m gonna do is to make me a gluten-free Oreo shake! It’s been 9 years since I’ve been able to eat one!!!!" While yet another added: 'It's about time. But how small will the package be? Also I bet I will be slightly expensive. Would love to see expanded to different flavors."




These cookies are ready to hit the market in just a couple more months and will be available nationwide wherever Oreos are already sold. "With the addition of the new line, Oreo invites snackers with a gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivities to enjoy our cookies too," a representative said, according to CNN. "I sprinted from my room to show my mom that Oreo released a GLUTEN FREE OREO," Twitter user Bailey Cambra said. "She thought I was running to tell her I heard back from grad schools, so she wasn't as excited as I expected." Another Twitter user, @n3dablaine, tweeted, "Gluten free oreos come out january 2021 so I have high hopes for the year."














A representative for the brand was unable to share ingredients or nutritional breakdowns of the new cookies as of yet. However, the representative told TODAY Food in an email that “the product and ingredients have a GFCO certification, which will be clearly labeled on all packs as well,” upon the January 2021 release. A GFCO, or Gluten-Free Certification, is a certification confirming that food, drink, or supplement meets specific standards for being considered safely gluten-free. “Oreo is always looking to expand our product portfolio to meet the needs of our fans and welcome more people to enjoy the playfulness of Oreo cookies,” the representative continued. “With the addition of the new line, Oreo invites snack-lovers with a gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivities to enjoy our cookies too, while preserving the unique Oreo experience fans love.”




Gluten-free cookies aren't the only thing Oreo has waiting in store for us next year. They have already announced a full lineup of new flavors that we are all super excited about. The company will release Java Chip Oreos and Chocolate-Hazelnut Oreos, as confirmed by a representative to PEOPLE. The Java Chip flavor will have the same crunchy chocolate cookie we know and love but is stuffed with a coffee-flavored creme that is loaded with tiny chocolate chips. Chocolate-Hazelnut Oreos will feature a rich creme that is sandwiched between the two iconic cookies — we're already getting Nutella vibes from this combo.





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