People Are Now Getting Matching Manicures With Their Dogs

People Are Now Getting Matching Manicures With Their Dogs

Using safe and dog-friendly nail polish, many dog parents are painting their nails along with their furry family members to bond.

Talk about a 'pawdicure'? A 'peticure'? Whatever you want to call it, how fun is it get your favorite furry family member in on matching nail polishes? While we all love pampering our digits every now and then, did you know the latest trend involves having your pooch join in on the fun? Add a little pop of color to your pet's paws and get one for yourself too. Dog parents are hopping on board this fun new trend, matching hands, and feet with precious paws.

While there are plenty of dog salons that help groom your dog, wash and even give them a blowdry... you can probably get some color on those claws all by yourself. Just make sure to use a polish that doesn't harm your pooch. Ensure that you use non-toxic, animal-safe polish for those colorful digits. Human polish is extremely dangerous for dogs, so please be careful.



Make your dog feel like a diva, and get their nails colored in bright pinks, sober blues, rainbow colors or even glittery polish. You can get polish pens that are safe for your dogs and easy to apply. Or else there's always good old fashion polish you get in tiny bottles that you can use to apply on your puppy's paws. Just don't ever use human nail polish!

Confused about what works best on your dog's nails? Check out the following pictures to get an idea of what looks good on them. We particularly love the rainbow-themed matching pedicures. There's also the Christmas themed one at the end which the two of you can get done around the holidays!



















If you don't want to get yours done like your pet's you can still let them have some mani-pedi fun on their own. All that color will pop in your photos and make them extra Instagram-worthy we think! How cute do they look?










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