Pregnant Woman Makes Baby Bump Almost 'Disappear' In Incredible Video

Pregnant Woman Makes Baby Bump Almost 'Disappear' In Incredible Video

The video of a 23-year-old mother "deflating" her pregnant belly is confusing everyone and making them wonder if what she's doing is safe.

TikTok is notorious for its many out of the world challenges. Some of them are fun while others are just too dangerous to even be getting the type of attention it gets. There is a new challenge now that has left people in disbelief. While most mothers are thinking of ways to get their postpartum body to look like their pre-pregnant body, this pregnant TikToker managed to hide her bump completely while still pregnant. And this video has left people scratching their heads, looking for any indication that this video may have been heavily doctored.

The video in question is by a couple who show the "deflation" of a baby bump. In the video are Megan Elizabeth Call and her husband, residents of Oahu, Hawaii, reported Cafe Mom. In a video titled, "the ultimate baby bump challenge," the husband and wife are standing in front of the camera and the caption on the screen reads, "CEO of this challenge." The husband pulls a fake plug from his wife's pregnant belly. We hear a pop and the sound of air leaking as we see Call's belly slowly losing its curvature till it is fully flat again. Almost like she was not pregnant at all. The 23-year-old mother just smiles broadly as if this is the most normal thing to happen during a pregnancy. 

The comments of the video were filled with confused users unable to comprehend how it was possible for her to inhale the baby like that. Call, who is currently pregnant with her second child had to assure frantic commentators on her video that, she was in fact fine and so was her baby. "I just vocally said wait what," one user wrote. Another user said, "I'm confused - did the baby go to her back?" Another user joked, "She really pulled out the reverse card on her pregnancy," while another wrote, "Me when I don't want my family to know I'm pregnant." One user praised Call and said, "And that's on having an incredible pelvic floor and abdominal wall control." Call acknowledged the comment and stated, "Nobody has any idea on human anatomy and it's driving me nuts."




But what exactly was Call doing? She was demonstrating something called The Bloom Method and it is more common than you think. It was created by Brooke Cates, a Pregnancy and Post-Birth Exercise Specialist. The method had its origins in Boulder, Colorado and it is quite popular, reported Bustle. There are thousands of mothers who swear by this method and you can see the fascinating videos of the baby bump disappearing videos online. And this disappearing act is a breathing exercise called "belly pumping." It is a type of diaphragmatic breathing that uses deep core engagement where the women are sucking in their babies in a controlled manner.



According to Babyology, the baby is just disappearing into the pregnant woman's ribcage. It helps pregnant women maintain a connection to the deep core muscles throughout pregnancy and helps decrease the chances of abdominal separation. This is done by creating a balancing effect where during inhalation, space is created for the baby, and during the exhalation, the muscles of the deep core are trained to maintain strength. It also has other health benefits where it helps reduce lower back and pelvic pain. It allows the mother to push more effectively during labor and having control over the pelvic region effectively speed up the birthing process by 70 percent. Rest assured it is a safe practice as long as it is done with the guidance of a medical professional.


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