'Buttered Saltines' Are The Hot Snack Trend And They Look Delicious

'Buttered Saltines' Are The Hot Snack Trend And They Look Delicious

Here are a few saltine dishes that have sprung up since 2020.

People have upped their snack game over the last year as most had far too much time on their hands and just as many hunger pangs to fulfill. Armed with the internet and their penchant to find the perfect pass-time snack, social media users have pushed on to expand their horizons. The latest to take the hashtag world by storm are Butter Saltines—a classic that has subsisted for decades now. Considering the torrid time a majority of us had last year, saltines or any variations of them are a great remedy as they are the cheapest form of carbohydrates you can have and they are known to reduce that nauseating feeling many have become all too familiar with.

As the name suggests, buttered saltines aren't at all complicated to make. Just pick up a Saltine Cracker, smear a layer of butter on top and you're done. It's as simple as that, TotallyTheBomb reports. Now to give you some context as to why this dish has caught everyone's fancy—they take but a couple of minutes to make, are practically available at very little cost, and they offer you comfort in times of unease. Of course, there are some people who add a little twist of their own by baking the crackers then put the butter when the cracker is warm to watch the butter melt away on the surface.

Take a look at some of the best variations of the classic dish that has arrived in the last few months.

1. Lamb and Black Bean Chili saltine


2. Classic saltine with Chili Bean dip


3.  Rotisserie chicken soup with saltine


4. Saltine with Gravlax


5.  Pepperoni saltine


6. Saltine with cream o' mushroom soup


7. Saltine with Pimento cheese


8. Saltine with veggie soup


9.  Classic buttered saltine


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