Shirley MacLaine Turns 88 Years Old, Claims Secret To Happiness Is “Not To Keep Busy”

Shirley MacLaine Turns 88 Years Old, Claims Secret To Happiness Is “Not To Keep Busy”

The Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress was born on April 24, 1934, in Richmond, Virginia.

A veteran of film and television and an Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress, Shirley MacLaine turned 88 years old on April 24. Born as Shirley MacLean Beaty on April 24, 1934, in Richmond, Virginia, the actress has been in Hollywood for over six decades beginning with Alfred Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry in 1955. She also starred in the beloved drama Steel Magnolias, playing the short-tempered character, Ouiser Boudreaux. In her career, she has earned six Oscar nominations for acting, finally winning in 1984 for her work as Aurora Greenway in James L. Brooks’ Terms of Endearment with Debra Winger and Jack Nicholson. MacLaine also has seven Golden Globes to her name as well as an Emmy and numerous other awards and honors.



Speaking about her career to Variety, she shared in 2020, "Even though I tell people the truth, I’m not a diva. That comes from my 3-year-old ballet training. I’ve got to go all the way back to that and just hard, honest work, with quite a bit of art, if you can muster it, thrown in. I’ve also stayed in the business and never thought about quitting because I wanted to pay for plane tickets to travel. I didn’t socialize Hollywood style. I’d rather travel to a country I hadn’t been to. So when I think about my life, I’m not sure I wouldn’t put the travels a bit above show business."



What is the secret to her long and happy life? The actress told PEOPLE, “I think attitudes are a choice. Anger is a choice, peace is a choice, sarcasm—which is what I’m good at—is a choice. I have what I consider just a perfect life… I eat what I want, I sleep when I want.” She told the outlet in 2019 that she loves her solitude at her ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where she resides for some parts of the year. “I have someone who comes in a couple of times a week, but otherwise I’m totally alone,” she shared. “I sometimes go to Santa Fe, which is one of the artistic and restaurant and new age capitals in the country.” She admitted that her secret to happiness is “not to keep busy.” “Give it up and learn to amalgamate with nature,” she shared. “I have all the animals around me [in New Mexico]. It’s everything I need to be happy.”



Things were complicated for the actress on the homefront. MacLaine had a daughter, Sachi, 65, from her 28-year marriage to producer Steve Parker. According to Sachi, MacLaine chose being a movie star over being a mother. In her book, Lucky Me: My Life With -- and Without -- My Mom, Shirley MacLaine,  Sachi claimed her childhood was incredibly lonely. She told ABC News, "She was very absent." Sachi said, "I was very lonely -- very lonely. Definitely. And I still struggle with abandonment issues and loneliness." "I try to understand her," she added. "I find myself wanting to protect her so badly, because I so love her. ... And yet the pain is very deep. I would hope that she would own it and apologize. That would really, really be wonderful." At the time of the release of the book, Sachi said she hoped MacLaine would "see the positive" in her book, even sending her a copy with a note saying, "I love you."


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